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Can be used both as a shield and as a glider

Umbrella (Blocking)

Can be used both as a shield and as a glider

Everlasting Beef/Eternal Steak

Not consumed when eaten



Allows the wearer to breathe underwater

Plastic Drinking Hat

Greatly reduces the time it takes to drink drinkable items

Night Vision Goggles

Allows the wearer to see in the dark

Superstitious Hat

Applies an extra level of looting to killed entities

Lucky Scarf

Applies an extra level of fortune to mined blocks

Scarf of Invisibility

Turns the wearer invisible

Panic Necklace

Increases the wearer's movement speed after taking damage

Cross Necklace

Increases the length of invincibility after taking damage

Thorn Pendant

Has a chance to damage attackers

Flame Pendant

Has a chance to light attackers on fire

Shock Pendant

Has a chance to strike attackers with lightning

Power Glove

Increases damage dealt by the wearer

Pocket Piston

Increases knockback dealt by the wearer

Fire Gauntlet

Causes the wearer's melee attacks to set targets on fire

Feral Claws

Increases the wearer's attack speed

Digging Claws

Increases the wearer's mining speed and base mining level

Bunny Hoppers

Increases the wearer's jump height and prevents fall damage

Kitty Slippers

Creepers avoid the wearer


Improves agility in water

Steadfast Spikes

Grants immunity to knockback

Running Shoes

Increases movement speed and step height while sprinting

Obsidian Skull

The wearer becomes temporarily immune to fire damage when hurt by fire

Antidote Vessel

Greatly reduces the duration of negative effects

Universal Attractor

Attracts nearby items

Crystal Heart

Increases the wearer's maximum health

Villager Hat

Decreases trading prices and villagers occasionally give gifts to the wearer