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Problems are best reported on the Github Tracker

Below is the description for 1.10, updated documentation is planned.

Animus (previously NOVA) is an add on for the magic themed mod Blood Magic. All features are best investigated through either the source code on GitHub, or through the in game manual. In general, this mod adds more rituals and sigils to increase the quality of life as you play venture into Blood Magic.



Ritual of Sol

Tier 0
Takes light sources from an adjacent inventory (chests etc) and distributes them evenly in the world. It will accept any block that has a light level and a Blood lamp sigil also works in the inventory. This ritual is great for lighting up entire cave systems as it spreads light sources to bedrock below in several chunks.

Ritual of Luna

Tier 1
Removes light sources from the world and places them inside an adjacent inventory. This works on any block that has a light level including glowstone, some bee hives, glowshrooms from Quark etc. 

Ritual of Entropy

Tier 0
Converts items from an adjacent inventory into cobblestone and places them in the same inventory.

 Basically a cobble gen that runs on whatever trash you have available. 

Ritual of Unmaking

Tier 1
Can do either of the following:
Disenchant an item by throwing it, along with a vanilla book, on top of the ritual
Take a vanilla and an enchanted book and split the enchantment into 2 books of lower level

Ritual of Peace

Tier 0
Spawns peaceful mobs

Ritual of Culling

Tier 2
    Kills mobs in the area for blood, mutes death effects. This is meant to be a more balanced and server friendly blood generation alternative to well of suffering. Mobs die instantly and therefor there is no constant AI running as you'd find in a well of suffering.


    This ritual occupies the same space as well of suffering and requires the same amount of runes, the main difference is it instantly kills mobs, providing a more server friendly method of gaining LP rather than having a bunch of AIs constantly triggering in a well of suffering. An altar must be within 10 blocks of the master ritual stone for the ritual to run so it has a place to fill LP to.

    Will not kill mobs that have potion effect such as those spawned via cursed earth unless there is enough destructive demon will in the aura OR if the config option is enabled (disabled by default). Destructive Demon will needs to be non-zero for mobs with a potion effect to die. If destructive demon will within the chunk is capped this ritual will gain the ability to kill bosses at a cost of 50k LP each unless blacklisted in Bloodmagic's well of suffering blacklist. Do not approach while health is low.

Ritual of Nature's Leech

Tier 1
Eats growable blocks within a 48 block area centered on the MRS including grass, flowers, trees and more to provide blood to an altar within a 10 block range. This ritual can be accelerated by consuming small amounts of corrosive demon will.

Ritual of Regression

An imperfect ritual activated by placing a bookcase on top of an impure ritual stone and right clicking, this ritual allows you to remove the anvil limit on the held item.


Ritual of Eldritch Will (Requires Thaumcraft)

This ritual may be considered cheaty/Overpowerd by some so we've included A LOT of configuration options for it. By default the ritual drains flux from the area and slowly converts it into raw demon will in the aura (Not the item). The cost, rate, exchange rate etc are all configurable. You can disable the conversion and still allow it to clean flux, you can set the rate at which it cleans flux etc.This ritual works in a single chunk by default but can work in up to a 3x3 radius by setting the radius to 1 instead of 0.  


Sigil of Phantom Chains

Captures the soul of a mob when right clicked on one. The soul can then be released elsewhere.

Sigil of Acquisition

Right click marks a block in the world, right clicking elsewhere will move the block.

Sigil of the Fast Builder

When activated, the sigil will let the user place blocks incredibly fast. Right click on open air to place a block from your off-hand in front of you. Shift-right click on a block to expand it using blocks from your off-hand.

Sigil of Consumption

By right clicking on a block, the sigil will spread 'antimatter' to all blocks near it of the same type. Breaking an antimatter block destroys all adjacent antimatter. No items are dropped in this process.


Sigil of the Storm

Right clicking on a block will summon lightning from the sky. If used in water it may disrupt the local marine life causing some fish to die and float to the surface. When used during a storm it will inflict AOE damage all targets within a 3 block radius of your target. 


Sigil of Nature's Leech

This is a toggle-able sigil that will first look in your inventory for plantable items, seeds, saplings etc. When your hunger drops below full it will eat few of these to replenish your hunger. If you aren't carrying any items of that type it will instead turn to the land around you and begin eating the growables there such as grass, flowers, trees, crops etc. 

Phantom Builder Block

Right clicking this block will replace it with the held item in the world. Disappears after a short period of time.



Combat weapon, when an entity is hit, all entities near it will also be damaged.

The bound variant is instead used to sacrifice multiple mobs to an altar at once.

Mob Souls

The soul of a mob that was captured with a Sigil of Phantom Chains, right click to release.


Key of Binding

This item allows you to share someone's LP network. Simply take an unbound orb, sigil or any other bindable bloodmagic item and shapecraft

the item with they Key of Binding to attune the new items to whoever the key is currently attuned to. 

Altar Diviner

When shift-clicked on an altar, an outline of the next tier will be displayed in the world. Keep shift-clicking to automatically place components.

Fragment of Healing

Once the item is in your inventory, it cannot be removed. When in sets of 9, the fragments give the holder a regeneration buff of strength equal to the number of sets of 9 fragments. If the holder has 36 fragments, they get a huge bonus.


Disable Boss sounds

We've added a config option to disable the wither and/or Ender dragon sounds.


High configurability

Nearly all items and rituals can be disabled, the LP cost adjusted and the tier required to perform adjusted to help balance your pack as you see fit.



More to Come....

We're continuing to work on this mod and we always welcome your feedback and suggestions. Porting to 1.11 will happen as time permits.