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This mod requires Fabric API. This mod supports 1.16.2.


This mod adds features from Quark and Charm to fabric. All the features are configurable (1.14 only) in the config of the mod which can be accessed through mod menu.


Quark is a fully modular mod with the objective of improving the vanilla gameplay experience. In other words, I would call it "what I would add if I was hired at mojang - the mod".  Quark is created Vazkii_ and a lot of credit goes to him! Textures are used from this mod.


Charm is a mod for Minecraft inspired by the Quark mod in that it is designed to enhance the vanilla game experience without compromising its gameplay style. Charm is created svenhjol and a lot of credit goes to him! Textures are used from this mod.



  • Crate: Offers a smaller storage solution than a chest or barrel with the benefit of being transportable making it an early game alternative to shulkerboxes.
  • Sealed/Abandoned Crate: These special crates are found in caves and have varying loot, you can seal a normal crate with an iron ingot on an anvil.
  • Ender Pearl Block: Eating a Chorus Fruit will teleport you to the nearest Ender Pearl Block rather than a random location.
  • Curse of Rusting: item durability degrades much faster than normal when the item is used.
  • Curse of Clumsiness: there is a chance that the item will not perform when used, for example, a sword swing will do no damage or a pickaxe will not drop a block after mining it.
  • Curse of Haunting: when an item is used, there is a chance that a hostile mob will spawn nearby. The default configuration allows Zombies, Skeletons, Witches, Endermen and Spectres to spawn.
  • Curse of Harming: when an item is used, there is a chance that the player will receive a small amount of direct damage.
  • Vindicators and Illagers now spawn in Dark Forests: There is also a rare chance the vindicator will be a Johnnny.
  • Villagers will follow players holding an Emerald Block: Pretty much says it all on the tin!
  • Pickaxes are now the effective tool for pistons: The mining speed by hand hasn't changed, it is much faster now to break with a pickaxe. 
  • Sponges now reduce some fall damage: Wet sponges do not reduce fall damage.
  • Skeletons can have their strafing disabled: This will revert skeletons back to earlier minecraft versions where the skeleton stands still while shooting.
  • Gravestones now spawn on player death: They will store the players items in the gravestone.
  • Totem Of Returning: This item can be bound to a block and let a player teleport back to the bound block. They can only be found as loot or as a drop from an Illusioner.
  • Stone slabs and stairs from smelting cobblestone slabs and stairs: Pretty much says it all on the tin!
  • Feather Falling protects farmland: Each level increases the chance to not break farmland by 25%.
  • Desert Tombs: These are PixlPlex's 3:1 scale of the desert temples, they now spawn naturally in deserts. 
  • Beacons heal pets: Any pets in a beacons radius will recieve regeneration (if regeneration is selected in the beacon).
  • Cactuses give water: Right clicking on a cactus with a bottle will give water. There is a small chance the cactus will break due to this.
  • Chute: Chutes drop items as soon as they enter the chute. Items will only be dropped down if it does not recieve a redstone signal, or if there isn't a block directly below the chute.
  • Coloured Slime Blocks: You can now dye slime blocks.  These coloured slimeblocks will not connect to each other, other than the slimeblocks made from another. For example, red won't connect to blue, but will connect to magenta.
  • Feeding Trough: This block attracts animals in a 5 block radius. Animals will eat from the trough and will breed together. It may take more than one piece of food to breed.
  • Cobblestone Bricks: Brick variation of cobblestone.
  • Compressed Blocks: Various blocks can now be compressed. Charcoal blocks and Blaze Lanterns burn forever and Golden Apple Crates can be used as beacon base blocks.
  • Ender Watcher Block: This block produces a redstone signal when looked at. The signal gets stronger the closer a player is to it.
  • Biotite: Biotite is the ends version of nether quartz. It only genertates on the main island after an Ender Dragon has been killed.
  • Boats with Chests: To access the chest you must sneak and interact with the boat.
  • Speleothems: These generate throughout caves and can be obtained by crafting or with silktouch!
  • Cave Roots: These generate throughout caves and when broken drop a Cave Root. This can be eaten and used in brewing to create a Resistance Potion. You can also use shears on them to obtain the Cave Root Block.
  • Weather Detector: This redstone contraption will output a redstone signal if it is raining or snowing. It can be inverted by right clicking it.
  • Iron and Gold Buttons: An Iron Button outputs a signal for 2 ticks whereas a Gold Button outputs a signal for 50 ticks.
  • Crabs: These little crustaceans spawn at the beach. When killed they can drop a crab shell or crab legs. The crab shell can be used to brew a Poiton of Resilience that reduces knockback. Crab legs can be cooked and eaten. They also enjoy music!
  • Dispensers: Dispensers can now place seeds of various plants and can place a music disc in a Jukebox.
  • Lit Redstone Lamps: A redstone lamp that is always turned on.
  • Framed Glass: This Glass is strronger than normal Glass.
  • Gold Bars: Looks cool.


Vazkii_ - Original creator of Quark.

MCVinnyq - Creator of Quark textures.

Svenhjol - Original creator of Charm.

PixlPlex - Creator of all structures used by the mod.


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