Physics Mod

1,126,407 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 15, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1

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Supported Platforms

Windows, Linux and MacOS (added support in 2.4.10)!

Forge 1.17.1 got released but unfortunately without a feature called Mixins (for now). I have to wait till they release a version that supports Mixins since they are crucial for this mod.


Pro Version (Vine Physics, Cape Physics)


Update 2.5.0

Living mobs interact now with physics.


Update 2.4.0 (Blocky Block Physics)

Added the option to not fracture blocks. Iris Shaders are now compatible with this mod (and highly recommended because the Iris mod uses Sodium which has no official 1.17 release yet and greatly improves performance, even when not using shaders).



Update 2.3.0 (Basic Item "Physics")

Added fake item physics which can be disabled via the options menu if you don't like them!


Update 2.2.3 (Ragdoll API)

Physics Mod now has a Ragdoll API for mod creators that want to add ragdoll support. More infos can be found here:


Update 2.2.0 (Full Vanilla Ragdoll Support)

All vanilla mobs support the ragdoll functionality now!


Update 2.0 (New Physics Engine)


Update 1.3 (Ragdolls + All Blocks supported)


What does it do?

It adds physics to mobs and blocks. That simple. You can fully customize the amount of physics and disable or enable certain parts of it for better performance on low end computers/laptops. 



Download the respective mod (Forge or Fabric) and place it in your mods folder. If you want better performance I would recommend going for Fabric and Sodium (improves performance by a lot). For Fabric you will also need to download the Fabric API and place it in your mods folder.



The configuration file is located in config/physics_config.json and config/physics_server_config.json. However you probably don't need to edit it because I added a physics options menu. You can find it in Minecraft under Options > Physics Options.

Here is an explanation of some of the options in the config file:



Enable/Disable block physics.

Default: true


Lifetime of physics particles in seconds. It automatically adds a random amount between 0 and 3 seconds to each spawned particle.

Default: 4.0

Range: 0.1 ~ 10000.0

Default: true


Maximum number of active physics objects in the world. Higher numbers also result in better quality fractures being used when a lot of objects are active. This number literally decides if you want to kill your PC or not.

Default: 10000

Range: 10 ~ 30000



Default: 2

Range: 0 ~ 4


Enable/Disable whether killed mobs should fracture or drop in their individual blocky parts.

Default: false


Range activation of physics measured in blocks. High numbers are not adviced because a lot of gravel will drop in freshly generated ocean biomes which cause a lot of physics and lag.

Default: 60

Range: 10 ~ 250


Scales the size of the blocks (when they are blocking your view too much).

Default: 1.0

Range: 0.05 ~ 4.0



Maximum number of collapsing block events that get caused by one update.

Default: 100

Range: 1 ~ 5000


Collapsing speed in ticks. 0 means instant collapse.

Default: 10

Range: 0 ~ 500


Enable/Disable collapsing blocks.

Default: true


Visualization for some configuration options


Future Goals

I would like to implement wider Mod support (with other mods), fracturing depending on the material (wood, stone, sand and so on), water droplets from explosions, soft body physics for slime blocks, honey and so on.