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AC Hay bales


A mod that makes the high jumps in hay or water behaving like in a certain assassin game...


Requires Fabric API 




- Negation of fall damage when landing on hay

- Eagle sound playing when jumping from a high point into hay or water (you have to move slow in horizontals axes)

- Untied Hay formed when landing on hay from a 30-blocks height: you can also craft it with a square of 4 hay blocks, and turn it back to hay with the same recipe

- Become invisible when hiding in untied hay! As long as you're in there, you get the invisibility effect along with a strength 2 effect. But be careful, the enemy mobs can also become invisible (they do not get the strength effect though). Also, if you're already being pursued, hiding won't lose the aggro the mob has on you. I mean, come on, it saw you hide in there, why should it abandon the chase?



Those 3 last features are configurable.




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