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XP Storage

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Download on modrinth


⚠️ NOTICE: XP Storage is moving to Modrinth!

The latest versions of XP Storage (for Minecraft 1.20 and newer) can be downloaded from our official Modrinth page instead. Our Modrinth page is the only official places to download XP Storage! If you see newer versions of XP Storage on CurseForge, beware: They may not be what you expect, or worse, they may contain malware!




In this mod, you can craft XP Books in order to store your experience and save it from a coming death. After storing it, you can retrieve your experience back in two different ways: same way that you stored it OR you can brew the experience of the XP Book with the brewing stand in order to create special Experience Bottles that can give you even more experience. 
Now fully configurable, even cosmetic configs for client!

- XP Book recipe: 1 book (of course, it's a book), 3 lapis lazuli (it stores experience so lapis needed makes senses), and 1 diamond (it's quite powerful and precious so still makes senses)
XP Book I recipe

- XP Book upgrade recipes: you can upgrade the book so that it can store more experience. Same recipe but replace the book with your XP Book and the diamond with either a netherite ingot or a nether star (depending on your current XP Book level)
XP Book II recipe XP Book III recipe

- XP Book maximum amount: They can store up to 30, 42, or 69 levels depending on the XP Book level (config). This means experience to go from 0 level to X levels! Not the same amount than experience from Y to X+Y!

- Store experience: Store the maximum amount of your experience in the book by right clicking. If you have more experience than the maximum amount, you will keep the remaining experience
Before store After store

- Retrieve experience:

* Get 85, 90, or 95% (depending on book's level) of the experience (config) stored in the book by right clicking while sneaking
* Take 1, 3, or 10 levels (depending on book's level) of the experience stored in the book for each mundane potions (or Experience Bottle) placed in the brewing stand and put it in the resulting Experience Bottle (or add it to the current ones)

Brewing XP Book





- Does it work on a server? Yes it works on a server. File needed for both client and server (with same configs!). And yes, it means you can share experience with other players.

- Can I include it in my modpack? Yes, you are free to include this mod into your modpack. Just let me know if you do so! 😉

- For any other things: Feel free to share your experience, problems (prefer the Issue link instead of Comment, but it's okay too), enhancement ideas... down in the comment section


Known compatibility issues

 Since 1.5

- Do not update old world with a newer version of XP Storage! You will lost all of your experience in your books (it may also break your world!)

- None known with other mods

Before 1.5

- Tweakeroo: using the TWEAK_SWAP_ALMOST_BROKEN_TOOLS doesn't let you use the XP Book when it's (almost) full as it's considered almost broken




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