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This community sourced datapack replaces default TerraForged trees with ones that are more aesthetically consistent with Conquest Reforged.



- CreativeRealms (datapack setup)

- InstantNootles (tree schematics)



Add datapack to your config\terraforged\datapacks folder. If you do not see the folders you can either run the game once and they will be created or you can make them yourself.

(The datapack will not work unless you have both TerraForged and Conquest Reforged installed.)



This datapack is a work in progress. You can see which trees have currently been built and which are still being worked on here.

Do not ask when it will be finished. We don't know.



You can get support either in the comments here (may take longer to answer) or in the #support channel on the Conquest Reforged Discord server.


Recommended add-ons:

For best results you can use this datapack alongside WallsOfConquest_ for improved vanilla structures. See the installation section above for instructions.



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