Conquest Reforged Resource-pack

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354,069 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 5, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2



This is not a Standalone Resourcepack!

 The Pack is meant to be used together with the Conquest Reforged MOD to supply

connected Textures for the full visual Experience when used with Optifine.





The Conquest Reforged Mod features thousands of new blocks and a full overhaul of terrain generation to revolutionize your Minecraft experience. Introducing with an array of new and improved tools, building with Conquest Reforged is more seamless and convenient than ever. Unleash your creativity and survive an immersive world to build something unrivaled by the rest of Minecraft.










For more information visit our Website where we have more in depth details on mod content, FAQs, Servers, Video-creators and other goodies.

Become Part of our Community on the Official Discord server where you can get technical support, ask the developers questions, suggest features, show off and discuss your worlds/builds.


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Thank you Monsterfish for creating Conquest Texture-pack! See the latest updates and additions to Conquest at




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