Record API [Datapack Edition]

187 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 24, 2023 Game Version: 1.19.4  

This datapack and resroucepack lets you easily add your own custom music discs to vanilla Minecraft! This API also includes a dynamic way to obtain the discs. The downloaded zip contains the API resources and data. It also contains an example pack that you are free to reference to create your own pack.


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  • Easily add an unlimited (6500 total) number of music discs! That's a lot!
  • Lag friendly! This pack was built with server-side performance in mind so no worries about sacrificing performance.
  • Doesn't replace any already existing discs!
  • Download the Music Disc Creator [Coming Soon] app to create your own music disc pack using this API without having any coding knowledge! COMING SOON!


Dependent packs

Other packs that use this API, If you create a pack that uses this API feel free to drop a comment below.


Example Pack

The downloaded API zip contains an example datapack and resource pack. This example adds one custom disc.


The custom disc has a chance to drop (along with all vanilla discs) when a Skeleton shoot and kills a Creeper.

With cheats, you can run the below command to obtain the item.

/function example:music_disc_5



Your Pack

You are free to distribute your custom pack under the following terms;

  • Your pack must not contain this API pack, your users must download the API from this page.
  • If your pack contains copyrighted music Legopitstop is not responsible for any consequences for disturbing this music.
  • You must add the following to your pack (submission description)
    <username> is not affiliated with Legopitstop


This Pack

Note that this pack is licensed under Legopitstop's Common License v2 which prohibits the distribution of this API pack.

  • If you plan on sharing your custom pack you must have your users download the API from this page!


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