More Music Discs [Datapack Edition]

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More Music Discs [datapack]

by legopitstop

This data pack adds 4+ music discs and up to 5 that you can add your own music to! I plan on adding lots more music discs to this data pack so stay tuned for updates. I am mostly going to choose music that has no vocals that way it is non-copyrighted and/or is for all languages. Feel free to suggest music to be added into the main pack (keeping in mind it is non-copyrighted)


Click on the above image, select plan (at least 4GB), use code legopitstop to get 25% off your first month and enjoy playing with your friends!


This datapack is currently being rewritten to use the Record API to make adding new discs easy.


The Record API datapack is now LIVE! Right now this pack currently doesn't use the API but keep your eyes peeled for the update!


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Currently added music discs

-Basalt deltas - Unknown

-Rubedo - Lena Raine

-Chrysopoeia - Lena Raine

-So Below - Lena Raine


+ 5 blank discs to add your own music (look below on how to)


How to get the new discs?


-Right now there is no way to get your hands onto these discs in survival. later their you will be able to craft them using LPS Rcore API or they will drop like vanilla discs from creepers or loot chests. IDK??



- You can use the function command found below.


/function give:moremusic/all
/function give:moremusic/<disc name>


How to add your own music?

1. Download the data pack

2. Unzip the folder that says "INSIDE" then unzip the resource pack and data pack to edit

3. Install the unzipped data pack  and resource packs

4. inside the resource pack migrate to assets/custom/lang/en_us.json then open the en_us.json file

5. this is where you can edit the name of the music disc. only change the text on the right. make sure to at least edit the item desc and actionbar. the actionbar is what will show up when you put it in the jukebox. ex: "Now Playing: C418 - 13" then save and close.

6. now go to assets/custom/sounds/records/<sound>.ogg this is there you place your music file, note it must be a .ogg file you can find a converter [here] make sure the name is the same as the one already inside the folder.

7. finally go to assets/custom/textures/<texture>.png this is there you place your music disc texture/image. make sure it is named the same as the example ones.

8. Done! reload the resource pack and your done!



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