Spawner Craft [Datapack Edition]

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Spawner Craft


This datapack adds new recipes that make all of the spawn eggs craftable. Use the eggs to customize your mob spawner! the "Coins" are rotten flesh (part of my texture pack)

Note for 1.19.3 Users
If you are using the built-in 1.20 Update Datapack you will need to install both the main datapack (v.12.0) and the pack with the suffix "1.20 update"


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Official Legopitstop Data pack website page:
Want to be able to break spawners? Download Ant_Redstone's Ultimate Silktouch Spawner 2 datapack for Minecraft 1.14 Java edition!

How to Use

  1. Craft a spawner
  2. Place spawner on the ground, Right-Click while holding
  3. Craft any spawn egg of your choice.
  4. While holding the spawn egg Right-Click on the spawner to make that spawner spawn that mob!



gives info in-game about the datapack and where to find things

/trigger SpawnerCraftInfo



Q: What is the "Spawner Craft [datapack] v1.0.0 - 1.20" pack for?
A: This pack is for 1.19.3 players who have the built-in experimental 1.20 pack enabled. This pack adds spawn egg recipes for upcoming updates like the Camel and Sniffer.

Q: How do I craft the custom spawn eggs?
A: In v1.12.0 the custom spawn eggs have been removed since Mojang has finally added the Iron and Snow Golem Spawn Eggs.

Q: How do I craft a Wither or Ender Dragon Spawn Egg?
A: Since these spawn eggs are only obtainable using commands I figured it would be unsafe to add them in as crafting recipes and I removed them from the custom drop crafting.


Q: I can only craft the Camel Spawn Egg and none of the other spawn eggs are craftable?
A: Make sure you have the main SpawnerCraft installed it is labeled as "Spawner Craft [datapack]"

Q: I can't craft the Camel Spawn Egg but I can craft all other spawn eggs?
A: First you must have the built-in 1.20 Update datapack activated. Then you will need to install the datapack labeled "Spawner Craft [datapack] v1.0.0 - 1.20"

Q: My Spawner is not spawning any mobs even though I can see the mob spinning inside?
A: To spawn a certain mob it needs to match a few conditions that are different for most mobs. For example; a zombie spawner needs to be dark (light level 0) while for pigs you need to have grass around the spawner or water for a fish to spawn. You can probably Google and figure out which conditions are needed to spawn said mob.


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