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What is UltimateHeadFinder

The way this plugin works is it creates a string (e.g."ABCXYZ123") and checks the minecraft.net servers to find if the username has been taken, and if so, put it to a text file called "names.txt". Due to the fact that it would take days to comb through all the usernames possible, this has a counter that checks if the amount of names that have been tested is greater than 900. If your server can/can't handle finding more players, you can go to the config and change the "maxChar" from (900) to however much your server can handle. If you want to test a large amount of usernames, change "Loopall" from 'false' to 'true, which will loop through (maxChar) amount of usernames, and then after five seconds it will reload the server and loop through another (maxChar) amount of usernames.


  • Get a head of a player by name by using /gethead
  • Find all heads of every player


  • /gethead (PlayerName) : Gets the ehad of a specific player
  • /GetallHeads (page) :Opens an inventory with all the heads for that page

How to Install

  • Drop the Head.Jar into your plugins folder
  • Restart your server



  • Just released


  • Add permissions

This may be updated every other week, so check in every so often to get the newest version until I setup the Updater.


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