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Sep 19, 2017

Owner: ZombieStryker

https://media-elerium.cursecdn.com/attachments/217/568/qualitygunsbannar.pngQualityArmory is meant to be a replacement for Crackshot, as it's last released update was for 1.8. What this plugin aims to do is add guns into minecraft without affecting the base game. All 3D gun models are loaded onto select items and data values in such a way as to make sure you should never see those textures unless you are given a gun.



  1. Adds new guns, such as P30, M16, M40, MP5, AK-47, Remmington, HeneryRifle, an RPG, and many more.
  2. Does not replace existing items in the game.
  3. Built-in resoucepack distributor; players will see the guns without you needing to change your server resoucepack.
  4. Built-in auto-updater, allowing for improvements and new guns to be synched with the server on reloads.
  5. Includes an API to allow other plugins to add guns
  6. Supports 1.9 - 1.12


  • /QA give <Gun>, gives the player a gun if they have permission "qualityarmory.give"
  • /QA listItemIds, prints the materials and data for all guns.
  • /QA giveAmmo <Ammo>, gives the player a stack of ammo if they have permission "qualityarmory.give"
  • /QA craft, gives the player a gun if they have permission "qualityarmory.craft"

Creating custom guns:

Creating custom guns is as easy as Crackshot. To create a new gun, just go into the QualityArmory/newGuns/ directory and create a new yml file. The name of the file does not matter. Then, just copy and paste this into the file:

 name: ExampleGun
id: 21
guntype: RIFLE
enableIronSights: false
ammotype: Ammo556
_VALID_AMMO_TYPES: 'Ammo556, Ammo9mm, AmmoBuckshot, AmmoRPG, '
damage: 5
sway: 0.2
material: DIAMOND_HOE
maxbullets: 12
durability: 1000

Most of it should be self explanatory

  • Name is the name of the gun that will be displayed.
  • id is the item id for the gun. Normally it is better to keep it above 25 so it does not override existing guns.
  • gunType references what the gun type is. This is only useful if you want unlimited ammo for some guns (such as pistols) and not others.
  • enableIronSights determines if the item can aim down sights.
  • damage determines the damage per shot.
  • sway is the amount of natural sway. 0.2 is the default value for most guns
  • maxbullets is the max amount of bullets a gun can have.
  • durability is the durability of the gun. This is only useful if you have durability enabled.
  • Invalid determines if the gun should be enabled. If you want to remove the gun from the server without deleting the file, set this to true.

Plans for the future:

  1. Include features that CrackShot and CSP already has such as:
  2. --Grenades,
  3. --Landmines,
  4. --and some gun attachments.
  5. Include turrets.
  6. Include throw-able objects (such as axes)
  7. Include more guns and ammo.

This plugin does update automatically:

This plugin checks for updates and will download updates. If you do not want this plugin to automatically update, all you need to do is edit one line in the "plugins\AUpdater\global.yml" file. Just change the one variable in there to false (or, if you run into any problems, copy the code below)

# Updater by ArsenArsen
# Global config
# Sets should updates be downloaded globaly
update: false

How to Install

  • Drop this plugin into you plugins folder
  • Find/Create a plugin that will allow you get to your world
  • Restart your server



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