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PlayerTally allows op on the server the ability to give players "points". Points currently do anything at the moment, but the player with the highest score's skin will appear on special heads that are designated to find the player with Highest score for That Day/ The Week, That Month ect.

[EDIT]Now, 1.2.1 will require you to edit the config a little and create the database/table a certain way. For the config, I have clearly labeled all the variables that need to be edited (E.G. "MySQLDataBase" and "MySQLUsername")You can name the database,table and all the variables to be whatever you want. For the table, the order of column have to be a certain way. There has to be seven columns like so:

Player_NameVariable , Player_UUIDVariable, PointsTotal , PointsDay, PointsWeek, PointsMonth, PointsYear (First one is a varChar, the second is a text field, the rest are all int)


  • Adds the command /pt which controls most aspects of PlayerTally
  • Have the skin of the player with the highest score appear on a special heads.


  • /pt : Shows sub commands for PlayerTally

Dependencies and Compatibility


How to Install

  • Drop this plugin into you plugins folder
  • Restart your server
  • Edit the config to match your SQL server
  • Add the Table Formatting
  • Restart you server



  • Changed from packets to SQL 1.1:
  • Just released


I will add on to this plugin whatever seems needed. If you have an idea for what I could add, post in the comments and I may add it.


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