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Uploaded by Akron712
Uploaded Oct 21, 2016
Game Version 1.2
Size 5.83 MB
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MD5 7d749c8750111fdc2f4a8283dc3c7d00
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Updated for compatibility with KSP 1.2

New parts!


  • CA-AD1-R Small Folding Relay Antenna (Early Tech Relay)


  • CA-MV04 MonoProp Engine (Inspired by Mariner)


  • CA-TCL4/CA-TCL4-B/CA-TCL8 Three Thermal Louver sizes (Inspired by Mariner and Voyager)

ATTENTION!: The old A200 antenna is being deprecated on patch 0.15. Recover your vessels!!! This antenna will return redesigned on a later update


  • Updated Modules for appropriate parts to match 1.2 stock
  • Added KerbNET access to applicable parts
  • Added 13 Part Upgrade nodes and setup several parts to be upgradeable
  • Updated antenna stats for the new antenna system (Some weight reductions done)
  • Updated part categories
  • Moved Thermometer and Barometer to earlier tech nodes to match stock changes
  • Fixed issue in Propulsion specular texture
  • Fixed some RCS FX offset
  • Removed AntennaRange support (Mod no longer updating)
  • Monopropellant bottle research cost reduced and moved to General Rocketry
  • Corrected some spelling errors in part text
  • Updated the included Firespitter and DMagicScienceAnimate DLLs to latest versions
  • Added config Support for EngineerRedux and MechJeb2