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Uploaded Jun 27, 2018
Game Version 1.4.3
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Beta 0.16.1

New Parts:

==IUE Parts==
* 'Explorer' Telescope Probe
* IUE Solar Panels
* 'Stella 24C' Solid Rocket Motor

==Surveyor B Parts==
* New probe core
* Solar Panel
* Planar-array HGA


* Tweaked for KSP version 1.4.x
* Updated the included DMagicScienceAnimate to version 0.20
* Updated the included FirespitterPlugin to version 7.90
* Added ResearchBodies and Tarsier Space Technologies compatibility (For the new IUE part)
* Added some MKS module support. Thanks to LouisCyfer
* Changed all parts with RCS nozzles to use the new RCS module
* Changed all engines to use new engine module
* Reduced 'Lahar' engine ISP to 305 @ vacuum and thrust to 6 kN
* Reduced 'Linkor' engine ISP to 325 @ vacuum
* Reduced 'Trident' engine thrust to 9 kN
* Added upgrade options to the 'Landvermesser' vernier engine
* Tweaked some RCS stats for blance
* Fixed issue with the Parachute texture
* TexturesUnlimited configurations were updated to use new synthax
* Tweaked a few of the TexturesUnlimited Shader settings
* Removed some texture replacement referencing from some parts to prevent part loader errors