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This is a probe expansion pack inspired by real missions from the mid-1960s to now. Featuring new probe cores, batteries, solar panels, reaction wheels and many new science parts! Includes parts inspired by Voyager, Cassini, Pioneer 10, MAVEN, Venera and more!


  • Probe cores with texture switching
  • All new propulsion systems (Engines, Fuel Tanks, and RCS)
  • New reaction wheels and SAS systems
  • 3 new batteries and 3 new RTGs that unlock at lower tech levels
  • New antenna dishes, and deployable antenna
  • New parts for Stock Science Experiments and DMagic experiments
  • 7 new science experiments (Mostly Orbital science)
  • New solar panels
  • Support for stock upgrade system
  • Parts to make replicas of Voyager 1/2, Cassini-Huygens, MAVEN, Venus/Mars Express, STEREO, Mars Odyssey, Mariner and Pioneer 10/11
  • Lots more stuff!


  • Copy the included GameData folder from thew zip file into your KSP directory. To prevent issues, please remove any previous versions of the mod before installing the latest version
  • If you playing career mode, it is recommended that you reduce the science gains in the difficulty options. The mod adds several new science experiments that will make science progression too easy for some.
  • NOTE: ProbesPlus does not overwrite or replace any stock parts, so it can be safely used with any part replacement mods like Ven's Stock Revamp. Stock parts can be used alongside my new models!

Supported Mods:

  • DMagic Orbital Science
  • Textures Unlimited
  • RealPlume
  • Remote Tech
  • Tweak Scale
  • MechJeb
  • Engineer Redux
  • NOTE: Mods are supported via Module Manager configs, you will need the latest Module Manager installed

BETA Development

ProbesPlus! is in BETA. The mod is currently in active development with more stuff added regularly. Please be sure to leave me some feedback or come see what's upcoming before the next release! Development Thread

  • Lander Parts coming soon!


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