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Beta 0.16

New Parts:

==Cassini-Huygens Parts==
* 'Meridiani' Probe core
* 'Draco' Lander Core
* Draco's heashield, aeroshell, and parachutes
* HGA Antenna
* Fuel Tank Assembly
* Reaction Wheel Assembly (LEU)
* CA-MER-R4D 'Dominique' Main Engine
* Magnetometer Boom
* Payload adapter/decoupler
* Draco decoupler ring
* Remote Sensing Pallet

==Probe Cores==
* CA-100B 'Landvermesser' B Core (Inspired by Surveyor B)
* CA-Q20-M 'Xihe' Probe Core (Inspired by STEREO)
* CA-602 'Hera' Probe Core (Inspired by Juno)
* CA-v601 'Aegis' Probe Core and science container (Juno)

* CA-A20-B HGA Antenna (Inspired by Surveyor B)
* CA-D02 HGA Dish (STEREO)
* CA-A190 HGA Dish (Juno)

* CA-ET120 Solar Array (Inspired by Surveyor B)
* CA-E140 Solar Array (STEREO)
* CA-E12 Solar Array and magnetometer (Juno)

* CA-RPWS-S Compact RPW System (STEREO)


* Corrected and added more Science results for GroundOps experiments
* Added Science experiment result support for Outer Planets Mod
* Removed Dmagic Orbital Science as a dependency (For simplicity, I still recommend DMagic's Mod)
* Updated some solar panel textures
* Added PBR configs for Shadowmage's TexturesUnlimited mod
* Added new set of textures for texture toggle
* Reduced mass but increased cost of the Torekka Dish to bring it closer to the stock equivalent
* Reduced mass of the Tatsujin dish
* Reduced Lahar Engine thrust to begin engine balance to more realistic values. More nerfs coming!
* Reduced Trident Engine thrust to begin engine balance to more realistic values. More nerfs coming!
* Updated SCANsat support for the new version 18.0
* Updated the RTG8200 model to more closely match Cassini's. The old model will be retired in the next release
* Fixed a symmetry issue in the Landvermesser lander core
* Fixed attachment node issue on Landvermesser lander core
* Fixed attachment node issue on Landvermesser omni antenna
* Fixed attachment node on the GRS
* Fixed a texture load error for all the normal maps (Thanks to Gordon Dry for the fix)
* Fixed Node orientation on the Landvermesser HGA
* Fixed Node and fairing issue on the Landvermesser core
* Disabled antenna power upgrades!!!! To prevent a potential CommNet bug. Verify the DSN range to any active distant probes before upgrading to this version!!!
* Retired the old cone antenna
* Added Optional Near Future Electrical RTG decay configs (Thanks to notJebKerman)
* Updated RealPlume configs
* Updated Tweakscale configs (Thanks to JSO)
* Updated RemoteTech configs (Thanks to Jimbodiah)
* Updated MechJeb and EngineerRedux support
* Updated included dependencies of Firespitter (Version 7.6.0) and DMagicScienceAnimate (Version 0.19)

Known Issues:

- KSP log throws a lot of texture errors. This seems to be be due to my heavy use of texture swapping modules. As far as I know, texture are loading fine despite the error
- Reloading the database from the cheat/debug menu may cause some parts and vessel using them to fail to load. I cannot figure out why. Restarting KSP is the safest way to re-load the assets
- The Huygens heatshield and aeroshell are better off jettisoned from the right-click menu, rather than staging it. I will continue to test and hopefully solve