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Beta 0.14

New parts!
==Probe Cores==

  • CA-Q04-M 'Tatsujin' Advanced QBE (Inspired by MAVEN and Venus Express)


  • CA-A200 Quetzal Dish (Inspired by Pioneer 10, re-design)
  • CA-A500 Tatsujin Dish (Inspired by MAVEN)


  • CA-E400MG 1x2 Solar Panels (Inspired by MAVEN)
  • CA-E320/340 Solar Panels (Inspired by Venus/Mars Express)

==Propulsion parts==

  • 3 Small RCS systems (RS01, RS04, RST)
  • 3 Medium RCS system (RM01, RM03, RM04)
  • CAE-LV35 "Linkor" Service Module (Inspired by Fregat)
  • CA-LV10 "Lahar" LF Engine (Inspired by Akatsuki)
  • CA-MV15 "Trident" MP Engine (Inspired by MAVEN)
  • CA-MT170 Monopropellant Tank (Inspired by MAVEN)
  • CA-LT80 Liquid Fuel tank
  • CA-MT10 Small Radial MP Tank

==Utility and Control==

  • CA-RW2 Dual Reaction Wheels

==Updated parts==

  • All previous probe cores
  • Quetzal ESM
  • All electrical parts (Solar panels, rtgs, batteries)
  • All Antenna (some received VERY minor changes)
  • All Reaction wheels, and Stability Systems

ATTENTION!: New A200 is of slightly different size and design. Old model is included but is being deprecated on patch 0.15.
Recover your vessels!!! This antenna will return redesigned on a later update



  • Added Firespitter as a dependency (included)
  • NEW: Firespitter texture switching for all probe cores and the Quetzal Service Module
  • Removed Legacy support for the original magnetometer
  • Moved the "RS" RCS to Specialized Ctrl
  • Moved the "Startrack" to Specialized Ctrl
  • Increased RW1 torque to 1, tweaked stats
  • Increased RW1a torque to 1.4, tweaked stats
  • Increased RW3 torque to 4, tweaked stats
  • Increased AACS SAS level to 3, cost and weight
  • Balanced Solar panel stats
  • Added Small Reaction Wheels to the E100-SPV Solar Panels to simulate active Solar Pressure Vanes
  • Fixed attachment node on the CA-ROTFL telescope
  • Fixed the jumpy animation on the Torekka RTG
  • Fixed attachment node angle on the Torekka RTG. NOTE: You need to attach it from the side for it to work (Thanks komodo!)
  • Fixed DMagic contract support (Thanks komodo!)
  • Added part search tags for the real-life inspiration mission to some parts
  • Updated ScienceDefs (Micrometeoroid experiement added, spelling errors corrected)
  • Original CA-A200 Antenna is being removed. Currently in as legacy support. It will return redesigned on a later update
  • Updated RP, RT and AR configs
  • Added Coatl Aerokosmicheskogo Vostok flag