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X and Y

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Places X and Y map coordinates on the World Map and in the Minimap's zone text. Configurable precision and display. Compass point indicator.

Exclusive compass direction (i.e. degrees) indicator!

Vanilla / TBC / Wrath / Cata / Retail

How to Use / configure

Instal like any other AddOn. Works 'as is'. All versions: Enter "/xy" in chat. Retail: You may also use the drop down AddOns menu, click the tiny box below the Minimap calendar.

  • Note the Minimap Subzone text now has your coordinates (removable/configurable).
  • Hover your mouse to the left of the Minimap zone text for a tooltip/popup. Note that I include "degrees" of your orientation as well as your coordinates.
  • The World Map includes player coordinates as well as cursor coordinates.
  • You can change the Minimap precision via chat commands /XY 1, /XY 2, /XY 3.
  • Versions before Retail: You may also toggle the Minimap precision by clicking on the zone text of the Minimap.
  • Note also the colour change at major compass points N/S/E/W (obvious) and NW/SW/SE/NE (quite subtle).

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