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Places X and Y map coordinates on the World Map and in the Minimap's zone text. Configurable precision and display. Compass point indicator.

Exclusive compass direction (i.e. degrees) indicator!

How to Use

Instal like any other AddOn. Works 'as is'.

Hover your mouse to the left of the Minimap zone text for a tooltiup/popup. Note that I includes "degrees" of your orientation as well as your coordinates.

On the World Map I include player coordinates as well as cursor coordinates.

You can change the Minimap precision via chat commands /XY 1, /XY 2, /XY 3.

Versions before Dragonflight: You may also toggle the Minimap precision by clicking on the zone text of the Minimap. Note also the colour change at major compass points N/S/E/W and NW/SW/SE/NE.

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