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HandyNotes - Dark Soil Tillers



Places customisable and annotated pins on the World Map and Minimap for over 150 Dark Soil spawn locations in Heartland (Valley of the Four Winds), the 10 Tillers reputation NPC home bases and overall reputation grinding assistance.

Over 175 unique, annotated and double-precision spawn locations

Choice of resizable pin textures

How to Use

Instal like any other AddOn. Requires Handy Notes to work. Configurable.


Players are able to collect Dark Soil to gain friendship reputation with several members of The Tillers faction.

Dark Soil mainly spawns in the Heartland area of the Valley of the Four Winds in Pandaria. Dark Soil can be found elsewhere but time-efficient farming of Dark Soil is very much confined to Heartland.

My Loose Pebbles AddOn will assist you after you have completed this grind.


Rare Spawns are included. Specifically Ghostly Pandaren Craftsman (but only if you haven't found him yet - it only appears once for each character you play), Blackhoof, and Sulik'shor.

Dog is now supprted too!

Bonus Extra

You need to increase your reputation with individual Tillers NPCs. Ten of them. They might be located in the Halfhill market quest hub or at their home base. This AddOn identifies their home base, friendship status and the gifts they enjoy receiving.

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