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WunderUI is a minimalistic edit of ElvUI optimized for 1080p/1440p



  • Very easy installation process
  • Modern & customizable data panel - WunderBar
  • Constant updates
  • Lots of extra built-in plugins for Quality of Life
  • DPS & Healer layouts
  • Easily customizable gradient colors or dark mode


Required AddOns:


Recommended AddOns:



  • Make a backup of your WTF folder (it is recommended to install WunderUI on a clean profile)
  • Install the required AddOns
  • Enter game & make sure that all of the AddOns are loaded correctly
  • Once you load up your character, the WunderUI installer will pop-up



  • Xeluk for constant QA & Feedback
  • Toxi for his ElvUI Layout & being a true friend
  • Releaf for those lovely WunderBar Micro Menu Icons
  • Redtuzk & his team for the inspiration