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❤️ Credits

Special thanks to Merathilis, siweia, Repooc, loudsoul, Azilroka, Blazeflack, Simpy, Benik, Haste, Tukz, Elv.
All credits

💦 Features

★ Media Files

3 fonts, 2 textures and 2 ringtones.

★ Item

  1. Delete Item: Enter DELETE automatically; Click to confirm; Delete Key support.
  2. Already Known: Add a colored overlay to the recipes you have already learned.
  3. Fast Loot: Make the auto-loot more efficiently.
  4. Trade: Say thanks to the trade target with one-click.
  5. Extra Item Bar: Add bars to collect flasks, potions, quest items, and custom items automatically.
  6. Contacts: Add a contact frame beside the mail frame.
  7. Inspect: Add an equipment list beside the character panel and inspect frame.

★ Combat

  1. Raid Markers: Add bar contains mark buttons, ready check, pull counter, and more!
  2. Combat Alert: Show an animation when you enter or leave combat.
  3. Talent Manager: Save and change talents set with one-click.
  4. Quick Keystone: Put the keystone from bag automatically.

★ Map

  1. Who Clicked?: Display the name of players who clicked the minimap.
  2. Rectangle Minimap: Customize the minimap with diffrent length of width and height.
  3. Minimap Buttons: Collect all the minimap buttons to a bar.
  4. World Map: Remove the fog of war; scale the world map.
  5. Super Tracker: Right click to clear waypoint; unlock the distance limitation, etc.

★ Quest

  1. Objective Tracker: Customize the style, size, font of objective tracker.
  2. Turn In: Turn in the quest automatically; Open follower recruit frame automatically.
  3. Switch Buttons: Add buttons for switching turn in and announcement module status.
  4. Paragon Reputation: Show the reputation bar even after reaching Paragon.

★ Social

  1. Chat Bar: Add a bar contains channel buttons, roll, emote; Custom world channel and custom community channel is also supported.
  2. Chat Link: Add additional information, icons to the links.
  3. Chat Text: Change the role icon sets; No brackets in the name; Better abbreviation.
  4. Context Menu: Add the following buttons to the context menu: guild invite, armory, who
  5. Emote: Add support for send and parse emotes.
  6. Friend List: Add colorful level, faction, area text into friend list.
  7. Filter: Unblock profanityFilter CVars in Mainland China server.
  8. Smart Tab: Use Tab to cycle the chat channel; Save the whisper target cross character.

★ Announcement

  1. Quest: Detailed quest progress.
  2. Interrupt: Send a message after the spell interrupt; Supports pet spells.
  3. Taunt: Send a message after the taunt spell cast; Supports pets and monk ox statue.
  4. Combat Resurrection: Alert teammates the usage of combat resurrection spells.
  5. Utility: Alert the usage of bots, feast, toys, and more.
  6. Threat Transfer: If someone tries to transfer the threat to the other player, send a message.
  7. Goodbye: Say goodbye to teammates after the dungeon is completed.
  8. Thanks For Resurrection: Say thanks for the player who resurrected you
  9. Reset Instance: Alert teammates after instance resetting.

★ Tooltip

  1. Icons: Add the icon of items and spells.
  2. Objective Progress: Add the additional progress information of mobs.
  3. Group Info: Add LFG group information into tooltips.
  4. Health Bar: Set the offset of the health bar and health text in tooltips.
  5. Progression: Add the raid and dungeon progression information in the inspect tooltip.

★ Unit Frames

  1. Quick Focus: Set focus to mouseover unit by modifier key + click.
  2. Role Icon: Change the icon pack of role icons.

★ Skins

  1. Vignetting: Add the shadowed border inner game interface.
  2. Angry Keystones Skin: Apply skins for Angry Keystones mythic plus timer.
  3. Blizzard Frame Skins: Additional skins for Blizzard frames.
  4. ElvUI Frame Skins: Reskin ElvUI modules.
  5. WindTools Skins: Reskin WindTools modules.
  6. Ace3 Skins: Apply skin for Ace3-GUI widgets.
  7. Azeroth Auto Pilot Skin: Apply skin for Azeroth Auto Pilot.
  8. Bigwigs Skin: Apply skin for Bigwigs.
  9. BugSack Skin: Apply skin for BugSack.
  10. Hekili Skin: Apply skin for Hekili.
  11. Immersion Skin: Apply skin for Immersion.
  12. NetEase Meeting Stone Skin: Apply skin for NetEase Meeting Stone.
  13. Myslot Skin: Apply skin for Myslot.
  14. Mythic Dungeon Tools Skin: Apply skin for Mythic Dungeon Tools.
  15. Premade Groups Filter Skin: Apply skin for Premade Groups Filter.
  16. REHack Skin: Apply skin for REHack.
  17. Rematch Skin: Apply skin for Rematch.
  18. TinyInspect Skin: Apply skin for TinyInspect.
  19. WeakAuras Skin: Apply skins for WeakAuras, WeakAuras option.

★ Misc

  1. CVars Editor: Simple editor for changing CVars.
  2. Move Frames: Move Blizzard frames and ElvUI bags with drag; Supports remember positions.
  3. Transmog: Add support of saving artifacts in wardrobe outfits.
  4. Mute: Disable some annoying sound effects.
  5. Pause to Slash: Convert CJK pause to slash.
  6. Disable Talking Head: Disable the talking head.
  7. Tags: Additional tags like range, health text without the sign, class color.
  8. Game Bar: A system bar in modern style; Support customization.
  9. Skip Cut Scene: Skip most cut scenes; Press the modified key to stop it temporarily.
  10. LFG List: Reskin the icons inside LFG group list with a bar in class color.
  11. Move Speed: Add move speed to the list in character panel.
  12. Auto hide World Map: Hide world map if player enters the combat automatically.
  13. Auto hide Bag: Hide bags if player enters the combat automatically.
  14. Math Without Kanji: Replace Kanji with latin characters in values.
  15. Auto Screenshot: Screenshot after you earned an achievement automatically.
  16. Hide Crafter: Hide crafter name in the item tooltip.

Before submitting bugs, please test one more time with ElvUI and ElvUI Windtools ONLY!


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