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Important notice: This is a very new addon. I'm open to feature requests, suggestions and bug reports. Although I've tested the addon with AdiBags, Bagnon, Combuctor, Inventorian and tdBag2 there might be some inconveniences, because I don't use these addons myself.


1 Worthless

Did you ever groan over your jam-packed inventory on one of your adventures, knowing that there are so many more items to come and no merchant is anywhere near? Worthless helps you find the most useless and worthless item of your inventory to either sell or throw away.

The price of stackable items is added up to their combined value.


2 Supported Bag Addons

The addon has been tested on retail and classic WoW with:

Other bag-related addons most probably won't work out of the box. Just write a comment and I'll see what I can do.


3 Commands

You can use either /wl or /worthless to send commands. If you are using Wowhead Looter, /wl becomes /wls.


/wl quality [0-5]

Shortcut: /wl q [0-5]

Sets the quality threshold from Poor (0) to Legendary (5). So with a quality threshold of 2, Worthless will take every item up to a quality of Uncommon (green) into account.

Standard is 0, so only grey items are considered.

/wl [item id or link]

Adds the given item to a blacklist. Most probably you don't want to have your blacksmith hammer being marked as junk. Either search the item id of your item on Wowhead or just shift-click it into your chat frame. Adding the same item a second time removes it from the filter.

/wl clear

Clears the item filter.

/wl bordertype [shine | colour/color]

Switches between an animated icon border and a coloured and static one.

/wl bordercolour/bordercolor [0-255],[0-255],[0-255]

Sets the border colour of worthless items (in RGB notation). You can use a web tool like this one to pick a colour.

/wl onlyfull [true | false]

When set to true only highlights items if your inventory is full.


4 Known Bugs/Oddities

These bugs are not urgent and will most likely get fixed in one of the next versions.

  • When setting onlyfull to true, an existing highlight won't go away until you reload.
  • An already highlighted item (in shine mode) will play the flash animation again when bag-related actions happen but the most worthless item does not change.


5 Changelog History

v1.13.2 build 4 + v8.2.5 build 4 (Oct 27, 2019)

  • Added tdBag2 to the list of supported addons.
  • Added command /wl onlyfull true/false to only highlight items when your inventory is full.

v1.13.2 build 3 + v8.2.5 build 3 (Oct 26, 2019)

  • Added Inventorian to the list of supported addons.

v1.13.2 build 2 + v8.2.5 build 2 (Oct 18, 2019)

  • You can now choose between the standard shiny border and a less flashy version which just colours the buttons border.
  • Combuctor has been added to the supported bag addons (still probably not working perfectly).
  • With Wowhead Looter detected, the /wl command will become /wls. Additionally, /worthless has been added.

v8.2.5 build 1 (Oct 15, 2019)

  • Retail version release!

v1.13.2 build 1 (Oct 15, 2019)

  • Classic version release!


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