Troll The Bones (Roll The Bones Tracker)

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2017 Game Version: 7.3.0


Sep 28, 2016

Owner: Gmull

1 Troll The Bones

Were you ever struck by bad luck, rolling the bones like twelve times in a row to get more than one buff? Now you've got a tool to let everybody know how unlucky you are!
All statistics are saved account-wide between sessions. Type in /ttb to see most options.


2 Commands Telling Your Bad Luck

/ttb threshold <number>
Sets the number of rolls you have to experience painfully before the addon starts yelling. For example, set this to 3 via /ttb threshold 3 and the addon will send out a message if you receive two or more buffs and rolled three or more times for this to happen.

Standard: 5

/ttb ham <text>
The message to yell into the world if you roll all five buffs.
{n} represents the amount of rolls you did between your last destruction mode and this one.

Standard: I rolled 'em all. Pulling Azeroth NOW!

/ttb finally <text>
The message to yell into the world after ending a bad luck streak of single buff rolls.
{n} represents the amount of rerolls you needed to get two or more buffs. With the latest changes to RTB this became somewhat obsolete, but I won't kill this feature right now. Maybe it'll get changed in the future.

Standard: I was just trolled by the bones {n} times.

/ttb record
Outputs your reroll record of not getting two buffs and your longest dry spell of not getting all five buffs.

/ttb lastfive
Outputs the number of rolls you did since your last ham mode. This number can be accessed via {n} in the /ttb ham message.

/ttb playsound true/false
Whether to play a short sound ("one" to "five") after gaining bones buffs.

Standard: false

/ttb leeroy true/false
Find out for yourself! Not affected by playsound.

Standard: false.


3 Commands Helping Your Buff Management

3.1 Textbox Output

/ttb textboxmode true/false

When in combat, this option displays a little textbox showing the six buffs line by line, roughly ordered from best to worst. If you have Roll the Bones up, the active buffs are shown in red color. This is an alternative for the icon output.

/ttb showtextbox/hidetextbox

Can be used to show the textbox when you are out of combat. It is mostly used to move it to another area on the screen.

/ttb unlocktextbox/locktextbox

After showing the textbox with /ttb showtextbox you can use this command to make it movable. locktextbox activates the ability to click through the textbox again.

3.2 Icon Output

/ttb iconmode true/false

When in combat, this will display a bar with icons for your six buffs showing which are active. They are roughly ordered from best to worst (left to right). The WoW cooldown animation is placed on them so you can see how long they are still running.

/ttb showicons/hideicons

Can be used to show the icons when you are out of combat. It is mostly used to move it to another area on the screen.

/ttb unlockicons/lockicons

After showing the icons with /ttb showicons you can use this command to make them movable. lockicons activates the ability to click through the icons again.


4 Other Commands

/ttb output <channel>

This will let you choose your desired output channel for the addon's messages. Currently there are two messages available: For ending a bad luck streak and for having a five buff roll. Your options here are one of none, say, yell, guild, group and raid.

/ttb resetpos

This command will reset the text and icon frames to the center of the screen. Useful if they got lost somehow.

/ttb center

This centers the text and icon frames horizontally on the screen.


5 In The Future...

  • Nothing here at the moment.


6 Plans On A Roll Advisor

I thought a long time about a roll advisor (it was included on "5 In The Future...")  and came up with the following thoughts.
Determining which rolls you should keep and when you should reroll depends on some criterias:

  • Which legendaries are equipped? Especially the bracers and the shoulders have a huge impact on your rerolling strategy, combined even more.
  • When does the fight end? Can I immediately continue fighting afterwards?
  • Which and how many buffs did I roll?
  • Is Adrenaline Rush/Curse of the Dreadblades up?
  • How is the fight structured (damage+ phases, immunity phases, add cleave...)?

A few examples:

  • During Adrenaline Rush the value of True Bearing (cooldown reduce) is high, even higher with Dreadblades up and with the right legendaries equipped.
  • During your Dreadblades a double buff of Jolly Roger and Broadsides (chance for an extra Saber Slash/extra combo point) is almost useless because they are both combo point related and the Dreadblades give you max combo points anyway. So having both of these buffs up during the Dreadblades is like fighting without a buff.
  • Having your shoulder legendary buff up (+100% crit) makes Shark infested Waters (+25% crit) useless, at least for those six seconds. But if at the same time your cooldowns are running
    and Shark Infested Waters is lasting long enough you should probably keep the buff until your cooldowns run out and reroll after. But you probably won't reroll if the remaining boss fight length is only 10 seconds.

    There are so many different situations in which the different buffs have completely different values that the result of a reroll advisor will probably never be satisfying.
    In addition to that many of those situations cannot be taken into account because they are not visible to the addon, such as the remaining length of the boss fight or general mythic+ instance, actions to come (how long until the next trash pack, immune phases in boss fights like in Vault of the Wardens).
    You wouldn't be able to completely rely on the addon, in some cases it would give the right advice, in most cases it wouldn't.


7 Known Bugs/Oddities

  • After joining a Timewalking Dungeon or a Battlefield you have to /reload in order to make the addon work again.


8 Contact

If you stumble across any error messages or would like to have a new feature, write a comment here or ingame to Armak-Frostwolf (EU).


9 Changelog History


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Addon Control Panel not to be filled with data
  • Fixed an issue where the frame's positions got lost after reload
  • Added an output channel option for TTB messages
  • Text/icon frames will snap to the edges of the screen if they are dragged outside
  • Added command /ttb resetpos to get the icons and textual output to the center of the screen
  • /ttb center centers the icons and textual output horizontally (for a better aligning)


  • Fixed a Lua error on login caused by the latest version. It occured after login and could be fixed by reloading.
  • Hopefully fixed all respec issues. You can now switch between specs and the addon gets loaded/unloaded correctly.


  • The Addon Control Panel (/ttb) should now always be populated with the correct values when you open if for the first time after starting the game/reloading.


  • The last little display error with the German client regarding 'Loaded Dice' should be solved now
  • The remaining duration of the buffs is now shown in icon mode
  • The text box/icon box is now also shown when rolling out of combat


  • Possible rolls are now 1, 2 and 5.
  • Buff order was adapted to the current meta (True Bearing > Shark Infested Waters > Broadsides > Jolly Roger > Buried Treasure > Grand Melee).
  • The roll detection on German clients should now run smoothly again. Jolly Roger was not detected when the golden trait 'Loaded Dice' was active.
  • The icon box/text box now hides after leaving combat or after the buffs run out, whatever comes last.


  • Fixed a bug in the GUI that caused the finally message to override the ham message.


  • Fixed an issue with the German client, where the new golden trait (Loaded Dice in english) is named just like the Jolly Roger buff (Gezinkte Würfel). This led to showing  wrong buff numbers (1 added) when rolling after using adrenaline rush.
  • Added graphic configuration. Type /ttb to get there.


  • Updated for Patch 7.2.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the icons and/or textbox to show on other specializations than Outlaw.


  • Fixed a little bug where only rolls between 6-buff rolls were counted. So it was possible to get a message like "I rolled all six buffx. I needed 0 rolls for that since my last destruction mode!"
  • Added two new buff-display methods: Text and Icons. See the project's page on for details.


  • Everything is saved between sessions now.
  • Number of rolls after the last six roll is tracked and can be included in the yell.


  • Updated for Patch 7.1


  • Leeroy mode is not dependent on playsound any more.


  • Fixed a Lua error on login
  • Added sound files announcing the number of rolled buffs
  • Added a record variable


  • Release version 1.0


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