Wide Quest Log Plus

Wide Quest Log Plus

A World of Warcraft: Classic Era addon that provides a dual-pane quest log with embedded quest levels and quest ids.

Wide Quest Log Plus combines the functionality of three different quest log addons and updates them for the WoW Classic Era (Seasons, Hardcore, Vanilla) servers. Ideal for players who want to retain the look of a native user interface with a few modern advancements. The quest level aids hardcore players in understanding the intended difficulty of a particular quest (although some quests are still considered dangerous far their intended level). The quest ID allows players to easily identify the quest in any third-party websites, tools, and mods.


  • A dual-pane quest log that doubles the width of the original quest log
  • Full quest list in the left-pane with quest details relocated to the right pane
  • Custom textures added to maintain the look and feel of the original interface
  • Quest levels added to the quest titles in the quest list (left-pane)
  • Quest ids added to the quest title in the quest details (right-pane)
  • Ability to shift+click link quests in chat
  • Ability to shift+click quests to enable quest tracking


Known Issues / To-Do

  • Enable tracking of greater than 5 quests simultaneously - I've submitted feedback to Blizzard to have this increased in the PTR, but don't know if they have plans to increase the number of simultaneously tracked quests beyond 5. I hope to find a way.
  • Test with ElvUI, Masque, and various other popular UI frameworks
  • Create options commands and/or window to enable/disable the 3 features

Updated, uploaded, and maintained (at least for now) by StormtrooperTK421 on GitHub. Please submit issues and I'll do my best to troubleshoot, replicate, and resolve issues as my limited abilities allow.