Vendor Price Plus

Vendor Price Plus

A World of Warcraft: Classic and Classic Era addon that displays the vendor price and per unit price of items when not at a vendor.

Vendor Price Plus includes the core functionality of the popular Vendor Price addon by Ketho17 and adds a unit price in the same row. I have enjoyed the Vendor Price addon for several years, but I've alaways resorted to doing the per unit math in my head when listing items at the auction house. Similar addons create a lot of bulk to the item tooltip and I wanted something minimally invasive to the default UI.


  • Lists the vendor price for the current stack in the item tooltip
  • Includes the vendor price per unit in the tooltip
  • Integrates seamlessly with the default Blizzard UI
  • Supports World of Warcraft: Classic Era 14.4.4 (Hardcore)


Known Issues / To-Do

  • Test with ElvUI, Masque, and various other popular UI frameworks
  • Create options commands and/or window to edit/enable/disable various tooltip customizations so players can personalize the addon to their liking
  • Merge functionality of this addon with my new addon, DesaturateTrash, that makes poor item quality items greyscale and easily identifiable as trash

Updated, uploaded, and maintained (at least for now) by StormtrooperTK421 on GitHub. Please submit issues and I'll do my best to troubleshoot, replicate, and resolve issues as my limited abilities allow.