Pet XP Bar Plus

Pet XP Bar Plus

A World of Warcraft: Classic and Classic Era addon that displays a mini XP bar and current level of a Hunter's active pet in the default PlayerFrame PetFrame.

You don't have to open your Pet tab any longer to check the level of your pet and how close they are to leveling. Pet XP Bar Plus is a simple addon that displays a mini XP bar for the Hunter's current pet, as well as the pet's level, near the PetFrame portrait in the default UI. When no pet is active, this frame is hidden. This addon is ideal for addon minimalists who prefer the iconic Classic user-interface with some handy, modern elements.


  • A mini experience bar below the PetFrame.portrait
  • Text displaying the current level of your active pet within the PetFrame.portrait
  • Doesn't interfere or overlap with pet buff, debuffs, or food
  • Appears like it could belong in the native UI
  • Scales properly with UI Scaling enabled


Known Issues / To-Do

  • Add slash commands to enable/disable the addon
  • Add options menu to allow minor customizations such as bar color, height, width, and font

Updated, uploaded, and maintained (at least for now) by StormtrooperTK421 on GitHub. Please submit issues and I'll do my best to troubleshoot, replicate, and resolve issues as my limited abilities allow.