UnitScan Hardcore is by far the best and most
complete Addon for avoiding Death on Hardcore 

Why, what is different?

UnitScan Hardcore:

  • Tracks & Warns of Horde & Alliance NPC's that involuntary flag you for PvP Combat (No other Addon does this)
  • Warns Low Level Bank Alts against all currently known Grief Methods in Major Cities (No other Addon does this)
  • Alerts are fully automated and will disappear automatically after 7 seconds and do not require you to click "X" to close the Frame over and over again (RareScanner & UnitScan's Frame wont disappear until you close it)
  • Alerts are disabled during Taxi (while flying) since there is no need on Hardcore (UnitScan will trigger unfiltered visual & acoustic alerts while on taxi)
  • Acoustic Alerts are throttled and cannot occur more than once every 60 Seconds, but the visual Alert Frame will always trigger without any throttle (UnitScan acoustic alerts will trigger over and over and over again)
  • Will always display Alerts even during combat - UnitScan doesn't actually do this, because it creates a SecureActionButton-Frame, wich cannot be done during Combat; this means whenever you are in Combat you might get the Acoustic Alert, but the Frame displaying the Mobs name will never show up. This is extremely bad in Classic HC because you are constantly grinding Mobs & doing stuff. UnitScan Hardcore will instead dynamically create a Secure- or NonSecure Frame depending on whether the player is in combat or not and thus will always reliably show rare/elite alerts
  • Performs better and reduces FPS lag - regular UnitScan was not made to track a huge amount of Units with a Hardcore game mode in mind and therefore will result in dropped FPS for some people on slower/dated machines, hirsig himself said he only tracks 1-2~ units at most at a time, wich is not suitable for all existing threats on HC Classic. Unitscan Hardcore diminishes Performance Impact by reducing the API function call detection cycle rate by a factor of 8. Tracked Units will still be detected instantaneous, but performance impact is lessened greatly
  • Alert Frames can be moved by holding CTRL and dragging the Alert with the mouse - needs to be done in- & out of combat once


Credits to: simon_hirsig - UnitScan & Cruccio - UnitScanData


/Hcscan - Opens the Ingame Settings Menu

/unitscan <unit name> - Manually adds or removes Units to be tracked

/unitscan - Prints a list of all currently tracked Units in the Chat 

FAQ / Troubleshooting:

Q: Can i use my previous custom NPC list?

A: Yes, custom tracking lists from previous installations will still work

Q: Audio Alert volume is too low for me
A: Increase Master Volume & decrease other audio channels accordingly
Q: When i add custom units using /unitscan <mob name> they dont show up in the /Hcscan menu

A: Custom units will not show up in the menu, because custom units will be tracked across all Zones

Q: When i click on the Alert Frame, i cannot target the Elite

A: If a Unit is found while in combat, the frame cannot be clicked to target it

Q: How do i track PvP NPCs?

A: Open /Hcmenu while in a contested territory and select either Horde or Alliance

Q: How do i track Griefing NPCs in Stormwind or Orgrimmar?
A: Griefing NPC's are tracked by default and can be disabled in the Menu while in a City

Q: How can i move the Alert Frames?
A: Hold CTRL and drag with the mouse; needs to be done in- & out of combat once


Automated Minimalistic Elite Alerts closing after 7s:

Intuitive UI to manage tracked Units: