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"This is the first package of currencies plugins for Titan Panel, helping you to manage you resources, including Artifact Power (Azerite)! Working in all languages!"

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1. Donation: Please, donate for this project (PayPal). I work hard for maintain it. US$5 dollars will help more than you imagine! :)

2. How to use: Right-click in Titan Panel then select the tab "Information" (the name depends of your language). Select the currencies do you want to appear in the bar. Done!

3. Which currency can I choose?: At the moment this pack contains 56 plugins:

Battle for Azeroth (12)

  • Artifact Power (Azerite) [developed together with GrimNotepad],
  • Coalescing Vision (new in v6.6),
  • Corrupted Mementos (new in v6.6),
  • Echoes of Ny'alotha (new in v6.9),
  • Jelly (new in v6.7),
  • Polished Pet Charm,
  • Prismatic Manapearl (new in v6.5),
  • Seafarer's Dubloon,
  • Seal of Wartorn Fate,
  • Service Medal,
  • Titan Residuum,
  • War Resources.

Draenor (9)

  • Apexis Crystal,
  • Artifact Fragment,
  • Dingy Iron Coins [requested by thebl4ckd0g],
  • Garrison Resources,
  • Oil,
  • Primal Spirit,
  • Seal of Inevitable Fate,
  • Seal of Tempered Fate,
  • Valor.

Events (6)

  • Brewfest Prize Token,
  • Coin of Ancestry,
  • Darkmoon Prize Ticket,
  • Love Token,
  • Spooky Supplies,
  • Tricky Treat.

Legion (12)

  • Ancient Mana,
  • Artifact Power [requested by tressym69 and CodeMasterX],
  • Coins of Air,
  • Curious Coin,
  • Drowned mana [requested by Faradriel],
  • Legionfall War Supplies,
  • Nethershard,
  • Order Resources,
  • Seal of Broken Fate,
  • Sightless Eye,
  • Timeworn Artifact,
  • Veiled Argunite,
  • Wakening Essence [requested by J3R3M72theoriginalmre and a lot more.]

Legacy (9)

  • Bloody Coin,
  • Champion's Seal [requested by Katmandu26],
  • Elder Charm of Good Fortune [requested by BuKitty],
  • Epicurean's Award [requested by Katmandu26],
  • Ironpaw Token [requested by Katmandu26],
  • Mark of the World Tree [requested by Jirtar],
  • Mogu Rune of Fate [requested by BuKitty],
  • Timeless Coin,
  • Warforged Seal [requested by BuKitty].

Others (3)

  • Brawler's Gold,
  • Gold,
  • Shiny Pet Charm.

PvE and PvP (5)

  • Echoes of Battle [requested by B1gCT3],
  • Echoes of Domination,
  • Mark of Honor [requested by Faradriel],
  • Timewarped Badge,
  • Tol Barad Commendation [requested by Jirtar and Krysemlyn].

4. I want a currency plugin too!!: Please, leave a comment in this project if you want a currency plugin and I'll add it in the next versions! :D

5. I want to translate to my language!: I'll be very thankful! It will be awesome! You can find the locale folder in [your game path]\Interface\AddOns\TitanCurrenciesMulti\Core\languages. Please, modify the language file you want and send me the lua file with your translations. You can upload in any service of your choice.

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