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"This is the first package of currencies plugins for Titan Panel, helping you to manage you resources, including Artifact Power (Azerite)! Working in all languages!"

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  • 1. Donation:
  • 2. How to use:
    • Right-click in Titan Panel then select the tab "Information" (the name depends of your language). Select the currencies do you want to appear in the bar. Done!
  • 3. Which currency can I choose?:
    • At the moment this pack contains 53 plugins:

Battle for Azeroth (8)

  • Artifact Power (Azerite) (new in v6.3) [developed together with GrimNotepad],
  • Polished Pet Charm (new in v6.1),
  • Prismatic Manapearl (new in v6.5),
  • Seafarer's Dubloon (new in v6.2),
  • Seal of Wartorn Fate,
  • Service Medal (new in v6.2),
  • Titan Residuum (new in v6.2),
  • War Resources.

Draenor (9)

  • Apexis Crystal,
  • Artifact Fragment,
  • Dingy Iron Coins [requested by thebl4ckd0g],
  • Garrison Resources,
  • Oil,
  • Primal Spirit,
  • Seal of Inevitable Fate,
  • Seal of Tempered Fate.
  • Valor.

Events (6)

  • Brewfest Prize Token,
  • Coin of Ancestry,
  • Darkmoon Prize Ticket,
  • Love Token,
  • Spooky Supplies,
  • Tricky Treat.

Legion (13)

  • Ancient Mana,
  • Artifact Power [requested by tressym69 and CodeMasterX],
  • Brawler's Gold,
  • Coins of Air,
  • Curious Coin,
  • Drowned mana [requested by Faradriel],
  • Legionfall War Supplies,
  • Nethershard,
  • Order Resources,
  • Seal of Broken Fate,
  • Sightless Eye,
  • Timeworn Artifact,
  • Veiled Argunite,
  • Wakening Essence [requested by J3R3M72theoriginalmre and a lot more.]

Legacy (9)

  • Bloody Coin,
  • Champion's Seal [requested by Katmandu26],
  • Elder Charm of Good Fortune [requested by BuKitty],
  • Epicurean's Award [requested by Katmandu26],
  • Ironpaw Token [requested by Katmandu26],
  • Mark of the World Tree [requested by Jirtar],
  • Mogu Rune of Fate [requested by BuKitty],
  • Timeless Coin,
  • Warforged Seal [requested by BuKitty].

Others (2)

  • Gold,
  • Shiny Pet Charm.

PvE and PvP (5)

  • Echoes of Battle [requested by B1gCT3],
  • Echoes of Domination,
  • Mark of Honor [requested by Faradriel],
  • Timewarped Badge,
  • Tol Barad Commendation [requested by Jirtar and Krysemlyn].

Eventual plugins (1)

  • Only available/usable in some events!
    • Lovely Charm, available in the event "Love is in the air". [Requested by leonardv].

Note: Conquest Points and Honor have been removed due Legion changes.

  • 4. I want a Currency plugin too!!:
    • Please, leave a comment in this project if you want a Currency plugin and I'll add it in the new patch! (if I can) :D
  • 5. I wanna be a translator!:
    • I'll be very thankful! Please, visit the project translation page and help me to maintain your language upgraded.
    • ATTENTION: You can send me the lua file with your translations too! I recommend it. Easy for me and for you.

Another helpful Titan Panel addons made by me:


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