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"This is the first plugin package with player attributes and other information (like Honorable Kills) for Titan Panel, helping you to manage your character. Working in all languages!"


Dragonflight integration:

It's all working fine! Any error or bugs, you can report me here in this page, at comments.

Classic integration:

This plugin works in Classic. Some stats does not exist in classic, like haste, so don't panic, it's all fine. Report me any bug, please.


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Usage Sample:Attributes Bar



  • 1. Donation: Please, donate for this project (PayPal). I work hard for maintain it. US$5 dollars will help more than you imagine! :)

    This is a list of people who helped to maintain this project through donations (thank you so much!):
    → Colleen Harper;
    → Patricia Rich;
    → Adrian Collins;
    → Jessica Allen;
    → Randol Ford;
    → Sebastian Edelmann;
    → Edwin Sutton Jr.;
    → Dean Grable;
    → Peter Cebull;
    → Max Toedtemeier.

    2. How to use: Right-click in Titan Panel then select the tab "Combat" (the name depends of your language). Select the plugin do you want to appear in the bar. Done!

    3. Which plugins can I choose?: At the moment this pack contains 25 plugins (alphabetical order):
  • Achievement Points,
  • Agility,
  • Armor,
  • Block Chance,
  • Critical Chance (melee, ranged, spell),
  • Deaths,
  • Dodge,
  • Experience (XP),
  • Haste,
  • Hit Chance (classic only),
  • Honorable Kills,
  • Honor Level,
  • Item Level,
  • Intellect,
  • Mana Regeneration,
  • Mastery,
  • Melee Power,
  • Parry Chance,
  • Quest Counter,
  • Ranged Power,
  • Spell Power,
  • Spirit (classic only),
  • Stamina,
  • Strength,
  • Versatility.

    4. I wanna be a translator!: I'll be very thankful! It will be awesome! Just click in the Localization tab and find your language.

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