21,858 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 12, 2020 Game Version: 9.0.1

Spade makes it easier to manage your farm at the Sunsong Ranch:

  • Right-clicking on a Tilled Soil patch will display an OPie ring* containing all your seeds, making planting things a breeze. ALT-Right-clicking will display a ring containing all your seed bags.
  • Right-clicking on Parched or Infested crops will automatically use the watering can or bug sprayer if you have those in your bags.
  • ALT-Right-clicking on Growing crops will remove them from your farm if you carry a shovel in your bags.
  • ALT-Right-clicking on Untilled Soil will use the Master Plow, if it is present in your bags, to till the entire row.
  • Type /spade to view a list of plants growing on your characters' farms. When you log in, Spade will tell if there are plants ready for harvest.

You can change some of Spade's behaviour, or clear the current character's farm, by clicking the cogwheel icon in the title bar of the /spade window.

Get Spade today, and make your farming experience up to 42% more fun. You can also watch a video of Spade in action.

* OPie is not included with your Spade; download OPie today!


Spade is locale-independent, and will work on WoW clients of any locale. Its interface text is currently at least partially translated to English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Korean. You can help improve the localization, or translate Spade to additional languages.


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