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Apexis Relics (as well as Apexis Monuments) around Ogri'la plateaus have you replay a sequence of up to 10 notes - but the sequence is easily forgotten, and writing it down is cumbersome (besides, that takes effort!).

Ogri'Lazy is aimed to simplify the process. When you interact with an Apexis Relic/Monument, the Ogri'Lazy window appears automatically. The window shows four buttons, each representing a color; add the sequence the Relic is playing by pressing the buttons (or the hotkeys), and Ogri'Lazy will automatically keep track of the sequence for you. Once you start replaying the sequence, Ogri'Lazy will also keep track of your progress, saving you from forgetting which note you were up to.

You can type /ogri config to configure Ogri'Lazy to your liking, and /ogri to test the interface without interacting with an Apexis relic.


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