Last Updated: Feb 28, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.0


Sep 28, 2015

Owner: cfxfox

M6 allows you to put custom macros on normal action bars. Unlike /macro, you can:

  • Create macros that are as long as you want.
  • Create and assign bindings to as many M6 macros as you want.
  • Put at most 150 M6 macros on your action bars per character specialization.
  • Use extended conditionals in your macros.
  • Use additional macro commands and metacommands.

/m6 to open the configuration interface; then left/right-click on things to configure.

Example macros

Try some of the following macros using M6:

  • /cast [+moving] Roll; Red Shado-Pan Riding Tiger
  • /qsequence Evasion, Cloak of Shadows
  • /cast [ready:Hearthstone] Hearthstone; Astral Recall
  • /cycleflag [btn:2] command
    /cast [flag:command] Commanding Shout; Battle Shout
  • /cast [@tank1,help][@pet,help] Misdirection
  • /runmacro Other Macro Name

Made a macro that you found useful? Share it in the comments section below.


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