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SOTA Raid queue


 1. What is SotA?

SotA is an addon to manage DKP for the guild. The DKP for each player is stored in the public guild notes or officer notes, and can thereby be exported via addons such as RPGO_GuildProfiler.



1.1. Main Features

SotA covers four main areas:

- DKP handling

- DKP log (synchronized with other officers) and DKP history (persisted)

- Raid queue: guild members can join the raid queue, and receive DKP when raid kills bosses.

- Auction: Items can be auctioned. The Addon handles all the DKP for you in the background!



1.2. (Quick) FAQ

- Do my guild members need to install and download this addon?

No. Only the DKP officer(s) need to install the addon.

However, it is adviced that other officers have the addon also so they can do raid invites using the Raid Queue.


- Must I use the Auction UI? I prefer to type DKP commands ...

You can use the DKP commands if you prefer - actually only a few guilds have used the UI part, as it tend to clutter the raid chat.


- There are so many DKP commands to learn ...

True, but in reality you only need to learn a few:

/sota +200 mimma - to add 200 dkp to me (thank you!)

/sota -100 mimma - to withdraw100 dkp from me (great, I still have 100 dkp!)

/sota share 1000 - shares 1000 dkp across entire raid. Each player receive 25 dkp (1000 / 40).

/sota range 50 - gives 50 dkp to all players in range (within 100 yards).

Check section 5 for a list of all commands, although you will most likely only need those already mentioned :-)


Or if you use the Auction UI, just this - DKP will be handled by SotA:

/sota [Bindings of the Windseeker]




 2. Overall functionality

SotA is controlled by a "SOTA Master"; this is the person currently in control of the auction and raid queue (handling "!queue" commands in gchat for example). There can only be one SOTA Master to avoid players are getting multiple whispers when firing commands from the gchat.

The Master is automatically assigned and is always set to the last person issuing a DKP or Auction command. However, any (promoted) officer can request SOTA master status by clicking the SOTA master icon ("Blessing of Kings"), or type "/sota master" in the console. Note that the SOTA Master does not have more "power" than other promoted officers, he just handles the background tasks.



2.1. DKP assignment

This handles all the DKP transactions: add and remove DKP from one or more players.

This module is fully controlled from the command line.



2.2. Transaction log

The transaction log can be opened from the UI (the "note" icon) or directly from the console using /sota log.


The log displays the recent transactions, with a "+" or "-" icon, depending of the transaction type. Clicking on a transaction will show the details: which characters got DKP. You can here click on a person to include or exclude hom from the transacion.


If the transaction is a single-player transaction, then clicking on another player will replace the target; the original player got his DKP back and the new selected player will be reducted the same amount. This is used to easy fix a situation where DKP was given or taken to/from a wrong person.



2.3. Raid queue

If the raid is full, and there are people waiting for a spot, they can join the raid queue. This is done by typing "!queue <role>" in guild chat. The <role> must be either "tank", "melee", "ranged" or "healer".

When a character join the queue, he/she will get DKP when the raid gets DKP also. The default behavior is to restrict the DKP only being handed out to characters being outside the instance (waiting to get in).


When pressing the queue icon in the ui (icon same as Prayer of Spirit), the raid queue interface will open. This shows all the characters currently in queue, and divided into their respective role. Left-clicking on a character will invite him to the raid. Right-clicking on a character will remove him from the queue. Left-clicking on a role will send an invite to all players for that role.


As soon a player accepts the invite, he is removed from the raid queue again. If a player disconnect, he will still be in the raid queue, but not recieve DKP.

A player can change his role by typing "!queue <new role>" in gchat.



2.4. Auctions

Items dropping in a raid can be Auctionned using this module.

The module is initated from the command line using the syntax: /sota <item link>

The <item link> is linked to the console by shift-clicking the item. The rest of the auction process is done in the UI - including pausing, cancelling and finishing the auction.




3. DKP

SotA operates with DKP in different forms:

  • - Ranged DKP
  • - Shared DKP
  • - Penalizing DKP



3.1. Ranged DKP

Ranged DKP means that the DKP given will only effect (online) characters within 100 yards range. This type of DKP is good for e.g. OnTime DKP, allowing only people nearby getting DKP. Note that if you give ranged DKP outside an instance, the people inside the instance will not get DKP, since they are technically out of range!



3.2. Shared DKP

A unique feature of SotA is the ability to share DKP across the entire raid. This means that you apply a certain amount of DKP per boss - for example 1000 DKP for killing a boss. When you share this, each raid member will get [1000 divided by number of raid members]; for a 40 man raid this is 1000 / 40 = 25 DKP. But if only 30 people were in the raid, the value would be 1000 / 30 = 33.333. SotA rounds up, so each player recieve 34 DKP instead.



3.3. Penalizing DKP

DKP is often used to punish a player for wiping the raid / whatever. And you can of cause do this by simply subtracting 100 DKP from said player. But if that player have 5000 DKP already, he won't really feel the punishment at all. Therefore you can chose to subtract a percentage instead. 100 DKP might not hurt - but 20% penalty DKP will: 20% of 5000 is 1000 DKP.

A minimum of 50 DKP will always be subtracted, regardless of the targets current DKP (yes, it can go into minus as well)




4. Configuration

SotA can be configured by pressing the cockwheel in the UI (if in a raid), or opening the UI manually by typing "/sota config" in the console.

The configuration screen contains four sub-screens ("pages"), described below.



4.1. Bidding options

The Auction timers are used to control the duration of an auction. The default is 25 seconds before auction is closed, with 8 seconds being added when a new bid is received. These durations can be changed by adjusted the sliders.

"Enable OS bidding" will - if ticked ON (default) - prioritize bids by MS/OS. If ticked OFF, the OS bidding will not be possible.

"Enable Raid Queue Zonecheck" - if enabled, queue DKP will only be given to characters which are currently online and outside the instance (in the same zone as the instance).

"Disable (hide) Dashboard" - will hide the dashboard from the UI in raids.




4.2. Boss DKP

Each instance can be configured with a Boss DKP value between 0 and 4000 DKP. When boss DKP is shared by pressing the Money icon in the UI, the suggested amount of DKP is given will be taken from these sliders.



4.3. Misc. DKP options

"Store DKP in Public Guild Notes" - if enabled, the DKP will be stored in the public guild notes, otherwise the Officer notes will be used.


Bid rules:

SotA currently supports 4 different bid rules: rules for how much to increase each bid in an auction.

  • "No minimum bid rules": People can bid whatever they want, as long the bid is higher than the previous one.

  • "Minimum increase by 10 DKP": Next bid must be at least 10 DKP higher.

  • "Minimum increase by 10 %": Next bid must be at least 10% higher.

  • "GGC rules": Next bid must be at least 10 DKP higher if current bid is 200 or less. If current bid is between 200 and 1000, then next bid must be increased by (at least) 50, else bid must be increased by at least 100 DKP.



"DKP String length"

The length of the DKP string written in guild/officer notes can be set using this slider. having a fixed length makes sorting by DKP easy in the guild roster.


"Minimum DKP penalty"

If penalty DKP is used, the amount withdrawn cannot be lower than this number. This prevents people with negative DKP to actually gain DKP by wiping the raid!



4.4. Messages

This dialog lets you customize (or translate) the messages sent in the auction UI.

You can also decide if the messages should use /RW or /R - or disable messages.



5. Command Line Interface

The following commands can be used from the Console.


5.1. DKP Commands

/sota dkp [player] Show how much DKP [player] currently have. If [player] is left out, the current player is used.

/sota class [class] Show top 10 DKP for [class]. If [class] is left out, the class of the current player is used.

/sota +<n> <player> Add <n> DKP to <player>.

/sota -<n> <player> Subtract <n> DKP from <player>.

/sota -<n>% <player> Subtract <n> percent DKP from <player>. The minus sign is optional.

/sota raid +<n> Add <n> DKP to all players in the raid (including the raid queue).

/sota raid -<n> Subtract <n> DKP from all players in the raid (including the raid queue).

/sota range +<n> Add <n> DKP tp all online players in range, and all online players in raid queue (no range check). The plus sign is optional.

/sota share +<n> Share <n> DKP across all raid players. Online players in raid queue will be given same amount.

/sota decay <n>% Remove <n> percent DKP from ALL players in the guild.



5.2. Queue Commands

The queue commands sometimes uses <role> as parameter. <role> can be one of the following: "tank", "melee", "ranged" or "healer".

/sota queue Display current queue status: How many players are in queue of each role. This command can also be triggered by typing "!queue" in guild chat.

/sota queue <role> Put yourself in queue as <role>. Note: you cannot put others into the queue this way - for that, use /sota addqueue below.

/sota addqueue <player> <role> Add <player> to the raid queue as <role>.

/sota leave Leave the raid queue. Can also be done from gchat: "!leave"



5.3. Auction Interface

<item> is here the Item link, which can be set by shift-clicking the item.

/sota <item> Starts an auction for <item>.

/sota bid <n> Bid <n> DKP for the item currently being auctioned. If <n> is "min", the minimum allowed bid is used. If <n> is "max", the maximum bid (All out) is used. This command can be used from the Raid (or Guild) chat witn "!bid <n>".



5.4. Other Commands

/sota config Open the configuration interface.

/sota log Open the transaction log interface

/sota version Check the SOTA versions running

/sota master Force player to become Master (if he is raid leader or assistant)

/sota help Show HELP page (more or less this page!)



6. Miscellaneous

SOTA was developed by Mimma <VanillaGaming / Nostalrius - now EU-Pyrewood Village>, and is one of many addons named after famous priests on

Thus SOTA refers to the dwarf priest named Sotason, who have given (and taken) many DKP to/from us as the role of a DKP officer.



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