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Buffalo - Raid buff addon

- for Classic ERA and Seasonal Classic.

Buffalo is a buffing addon for Druids, Mages and Priest, and is aimed for Raid buffing, although it works fine for solo or 5-man groups as well.


Buffalo adds a new button for your UI, which will lit up with an icon when someone in your group or raid needs a new buff from you. The assigned groups can be configured, so you can set up which groups you will monitor and what buffs you will do.


 You can move the button by pressing Shift while dragging the icon to a desired position.





Slash Commands

Buffalo does not need much setup, so there are only a few commands available:

  • /buffalo config - opens the Group/Buff configuration screen. This can also be done by right-clicking the buff button.
  • /buffalo hide - hides the Buff button
  • /buffalo show - shows the Buff button again (yay!)
  • /buffalo version - shows the current version of Buffalo.




Warlocks, welcome to the club! Lock buffs has been added to the addon since version 0.6.



Raid Mode

Since version 0.5 Buffalo supports Raid mode.

In Raid mode the buff assignments are done by a raid assistant and then synchronized out to all clients, it is like "Pally Power" for Priest/mages/Druids.


There are two types of Raid modes:

  • Raid mode 1: Open Raid Assignments
  • Raid mode 2: Closed Raid Assignments


In Open Raid Assignments you can still change your assignments, and those changes will be broadcasted to the other clients.

In Closed Raid Assignments only the raid assistant can change assignments.


In Raid mode the buff icons are replaced by the name of the assigned person, for example below where JamesBlast is assigned for buffing Intellect on group 1 and 2.

You can also see who did the original assignments in the top: "... locked by [Jamesblast]".




The raid assignment mode is selected by clicking one of the three spheres in the top. Switching these requires raid promotion / raid assist rights.

When the player leaves the raid, the mode is automatically changed back to Personal assignments - the normal mode - and your old settings there are kept.





Should you find a bug, feel free to report it below, together with relevant information, such as:

* What class did you play

* What buff failed

* What realm type (Classic Era, Tbc, WoTLK ...)

* Did you get any errors?



Not yet implemented:

* Paladin buffs are not yet implemented. I hope to make addon 100% compatible with PallyPower, thus exchanging buffs.

* Full WotLK (one-buff-for-all-groups)




Hey, that addon reminds me of SmartBuff

It sure does! I have been using SmartBuff for many years, and loved it. But now it seems there isn't a working SmartBuff addon out there.

This addon is not a SmartBuff clone!

Buffalo works differently, and have a stronger focus on party/raid buffing, where SmartBuff worked for everyone - including your Warrior for that Find Herbs buff. Buffalo does not support buffing in combat. This is a limitation implemented by Blizzard, which didn't exist back in the SmartBuff days.