Classic Healing Assignments

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1. What is  Classic Healing Assignments?

Classic Healing Assignments (CHA) let you assign Healers in a raid to Tanks or Raid markers, and post the assignments in the Raid channel (or a healer channel if you like).


1.1. How do I use it?

Open the CHA user interface by left-clicking on the CHA minimap icon.


You can now create a new Template, and add wanted tank(s) plus healer(s).

See a Template as a Boss fight: one template for one boss.


Lucifron might require 3 tanks, so you'll make a template with 3 tanks, each having one healer assigned.


Ragnaros might only require one tank, but you also need Melee healers, so in this case you will add two tanks: one main tank, and one Custom tank you can name "Melee".


When your assignments are ready, you can right-click the minimap icon to post the assignments to Raid chat.



2. About CHA.

This addon is a port of Vanilla Healing Assignments, originally made by Renew @




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