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RaidFrameSettings - Blizzard Raid Frames Customization


Raid Frame Settings


Raid Frame Settings is an efficient AddOn that extends the default World of Warcraft Raid Frames.
It consists of several modules that you can fully disable. Each module can work independently. You can pick what you want depending on your demands.


You can open the AddOn settings with: /rfs





  • Use custom textures (SharedMedia)  for Health Bar, Health Bar Background and Power Bar.
  • Customize the color for Health Bar, Health Bar Background & Border



  • Adjust Font, Outline-mode, Font Size, Font Color and position on the Health Bar for Name- and Status Text


Role Icon 

  • Reposition the Role Icon



  • Use custom alpha values for Health Bar and Health Bar Background for group members that are out of range.


Buff frame

  • Change the size, growth direction and position of the buff frame 
  • crop the border of icons for a cleaner look (optional)                                               



Debuff frame

  • Change the size, growth direction and position of the debuff frame




  • Display over absorbs



Dispel Color 

  • Color health bars based on dispellable debuff type.




To see more textures and fonts you have to install Shared Media:



The texture from my screenshots can be found in this collection: