Mouseover Action Settings - Automatic UI Fader


Mouseover Action Settings - Automatic UI Fader

Are you tired of cluttered screen space in your World of Warcraft adventures? This add-on allows you to hide UI frames when you don't need them, creating a cleaner UI and a more immersive gaming experience.


Key Features:


  • Mouse-over Magic: Just hover your mouse over the area, and your UI frame reappears!
  • Event-Driven Design: Frames can also reappear based on a selection of trigger that you can choose from (e.g. in combat, when entering a dungeon, dragon riding and more).
  • Customizable Opacity: You control how much your frames fade, from a subtle transparency to complete invisibility.
  • Tweak Behavior: You can tinker with the fade time and animation speed. Add-on wide or per module.
  • Links: Frames can be linked together so that when you hover the mouse over one, all linked frames will also appear.


Additional Features:


  • Hide the text on action bars.
  • Switch between profiles without reloading (specialisation profile support included).
  • Share/import profiles.
  • Tinker Zone a feature that allows you to create your own modules if you have a rough understanding of how the user interface works.



The event-driven design of the addon makes it easy to add more frames or triggers - so if you feel that something you really want is missing, feel free to request a new module or trigger.



You can open the add-on settings by using the minimap icon, the addon compartment entry or by typing one of the following commands: