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PantheonDKP is a standalone DKP, bidding, boss encounter, and raid management tool, inspired by MonolithDKP, and originally tailor-made for the needs of the Blaumeux Alliance guild, Pantheon. It utilizes a Blind Bid (Second highest amount +1) bidding method currently but will expand into other methods, in the future.


PDKP was my first attempt at writing a WoW addon, and it has been quite a learning experience since I originally started it in December of 2019. That being said, bugs are to be expected and will be patched as soon as I am able. I am a one-man team, and while programming for WoW is fun, I am not able to make it my full-time job, at this time.

Any requests or suggestions are welcome, you can either message me on Discord, send me a message on WoW, or write an issue in the issue tracker. Bugs can be submitted at https://github.com/Bengejd/PantheonDKP/issues.



PDKP has all of the features you would expect to see within a DKP addon:

  • Multi-guild support
  • Filtering and search within the member table.
  • DKP & Loot History.
  • Protection against non-officer members from tampering with addon data.
  • Bid window & timer that displays what is currently being auctioned.
  • Automatic Raid Invites when whispered.
  • Weekly Decay (10%).
  • Automatically adding members to the member table when they are "Raid Ready".

Note: Members are marked as "Raid Ready" if they are at least LVL 68, or are an officer.


Raid Tools

The raid tools section can be found next to the raid menu (press "O").

Raid Breakdown

When you hover over any of the icons (except the first one), you will see the names of members associated with that group.

The first row denotes how many members you have in your raid group, who the DKP Officer is and how many tanks you have marked within the raid. As members are marked as a tank, they will be removed from their respective class counts.

The next two rows are for what types of classes you have in your raid, helping you figure out who is missing as you are forming your raid.

Promote Leadership

Promote leadership allows the raid leader to quickly give all officers in the raid, raid-assist, without having to go through and manually set the role for each officer.

Loot Threshold 

Loot threshold is used to set the loot level to "common" in your raid because Blizzard does not allow you to set loot to Common in-game without the use of Macros or addons. This option needs to be re-set if the Master Looter changes after the loot threshold has been set.

Invite Commands

This allows you to create a custom set of invite commands that players can whisper to be sent an automatic invite to your group.

Ignore Invite Requests

This allows you to specify player names that you want to ignore when they whisper for an invite (if someone abuses the system).

Ignore PUGS

This allows you to specify that you do not want PUGS to be able to whisper for a raid invite automatically.

Invite Spam

This allows you to send out a guild message every 90 seconds, for 15 minutes. This is mostly to allow you to go AFK while the group is forming, letting players know who is doing the raid invites, and get an automatic invite via the invite system if they whisper you.


Officer Only Features

These features are only usable by officers. Officers should have these guild permissions: Can read/speak in Officer Chat, promote/demote players, invite/kick players, and change officer notes. 

  • Setting of DKP Officer while in raids via right-clicking their player portrait or raid-frame.
  • Real-time Boss Kill Detection with a popup confirming that you would like to give the raid members DKP for the kill.
  • Start item auctions by Alt-Clicking an item either in your bags or in the loot frame. This will start a 20-second timer, which will announce the winner (if applicable) at the end.
  • End auctions early if one is currently running.
  • Real-time adjustment preview, with validation preview of the entry.
  • Guard in place to prevent members from receiving DKP for the same boss kill multiple times in a week.
  • Select members from a history entry by shift-clicking their names in the entry.
  • Delete an entry by Shift-Right-Clicking the entry reason, within the History table.
Adjustment Amounts

Some adjustment amounts are not configurable at this time. Currently, boss kills always will award 10 DKP, item wins will always be negative amounts, and Decay will always be set as 10% of a member's DKP, regardless of the amount put in the input box.


Syncing Data

The addon will automatically sync whenever you reload or log into the game. This will take the last four weeks of data, and synchronize it to your addon tables. If you have been offline for more than 4 weeks, you will have to receive a manual push from an officer. This is done via the minimap icon but can take some time to complete.


I am planning on making the addon more configurable for other guilds, if there is a specific loot method you would like to have implemented, please feel free to reach out on the issue tracker, with your suggestion.

Alternative Addons

There are a number of solid alternatives to PantheonDKP. If PDKP does not fit your needs, feel free to check out one of the ones below.

CommunityDKP (Active)

ClassicLootManager (Active)

MonolithDKP (Discontinued)

EssentialDKP (Discontinued)


Author: Pantheon GM: Neekio on the Blaumeux Server