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PLEASE READ: As you may know, I was forced to abandon development of this addon some time ago due to personal reasons that arose preventing me from being able to dedicate any acceptable amount of time to it's development. I was the only individual developing it and I sunk hundreds of hours into making it. Thusly, I was quite upset, to say the least, when I was forced to step aside. I did, however, grant unfettered permission to anyone within the community to continue it's development as they saw fit. If you are currently using this version of the addon, I would highly recommend looking into one of the two community addons that picked up where I had left off. I do not have any affiliation with either team and have not personally been able to use them myself so I couldn't give any specific recommendations to fit your need. I greatly appreciate everyone that supported and contributed to bug fixing and reporting during the development. I quite literally never thought the addon would blow up to even a fraction of what it did. Bug reports to this iteration of the addon are no longer monitored.


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MonDKP is a DKP and raid management system written with intent to track all aspects of DKP and looting within WoW. Every member of the guild can have it and have full access to real-time DKP values as well as loot and DKP history. This is my first official go at writting an addon despite 15 years of playing the game. So if any bugs or errors show their face, please let me know. Any suggestions or requests are also welcome! You can submit bugs at

Alternative Use: Even if you don't use DKP, you can easily use this to manage and track your raids. Simply set boss kill DKP to 1, and item costs to 0. This will help you track how many bosses each player in your guild has killed as well as keep track of their attendance and loot received. More tools to assist raid leaders are constantly being added.

Release Notes: I've rolled back the broadcast system and wrote something that is a bit less complicated to help correct issues caused by 2.0.x. The broadcast system works essentially the same way as it did in 1.6 and prior but with added functionality to assist with multi raid guilds. You launch the broadcast UI by clicking the Status Indicator on the bottom left corner. All other features added in 2.0.x are included. Please watch the video located at for a quick overview on the broadcast UI as well as the added repair option to clean up your DKP tables in the event they were damaged using 2.0.x. All created entries are still broadcasted instantly and multiple officers can broadcast simultaneously without issue. 2.1 was uploaded as "beta" to prevent automatic download by accident so close to the average raid day. 2.1 is also not compatible with earlier versions. You can also join the new Discord @ if you have any questions, concerns or ideas.

2.1.1 Known Issues: I've seen a few random instances where players installed 2.1.1 and then rolled back to 2.0 to raid as their guild had not transitioned, then went back to 2.1. In this instance, indexes may have been incorrect due to new entries using the old indexing. If this issue occurs for you please post a ticket on GitHub and I'll try to get you squared away. In this event, if an officer goes to 2.1 for the first time and then broadcasts their new tables, your issue should be resolved on it's own. Additionally if you receive an error along the lines of "comparing a number to a table", please reinstall 2.1.1 as there was a typo corrected.


Video Tutorial: This is just covering the basic key operations of the addon. Be sure to check the description for additional information.

If you enjoy the addon and would like to donate it is tremendously appreciated!



- Mass invites. Set a "Core Raid" team and mass invite only the players you've selected from the list (or select all and invite)

- Player Bidding UI for players to easily bid. If officers choose to allow bids to be seen, they will be displayed in a table at the bottom of the UI.

- Choose from multiple DKP modes including Zero Sum, Minimum bid (highest bidder wins), and static item values (highest overall DKP wins). As well as /roll based DKP.

- DKP Table entries provide a tooltip showing the players recently spent and earned DKP
- Filter the table by certain classes or show only those in your party / raid. Table columns can also be sorted by Player, Class or DKP
- Loot history. What item was won, by whom, from what boss/zone, and how much they spent on it. Can be filtered by player.
- DKP history. Comprehensive list of all players that received (or lost) dkp for each event.
- Bid timer displaying what is currently up for bid as well as it's minimum bid.
- Option to allow Sub Zero Bidding in "/dkp bid" window - Allows players to bid below their available dkp enabling them to go into the negative. But only if their available DKP is greater than 0. (with option shut off, any bid that is greater than available DKP will be rejected)
- Indicator on the bottom left of the GUI telling you if you have the most recent information. Green = Up to date; Red = Entries missing, Yellow = currently syncing.
- And many others.

Officer only features

- Bid window (opened by SHIFT+ALT clicking an item in the loot window or by typing /dkp bid [item link]) that starts bidding, collects all bids submitted, and awards the item. NOTE: Shift+Alt clicking an item only works if the item is in one of the first 4 slots of the loot window due to restrictions at the moment. If the item you wish to bid on isn't on the first page, either loot all items on that first page, close and reopen window. Or simply use /dkp bid [item link]
- Default minimum bid values can be set by slot (Neck, head etc) in the Options tab.
- Adjust DKP tab (awarding DKP). Also includes a DKP Decay option that reduces all entries by X% (default set in options or change on the fly in the Adjust DKP tab)
- Manage Tab. Manage your DKP list.
- Shift or Ctrl+Click entries in the table to select multiple players to modify.
- Right click context menu in Loot History to reassign items (if minds are changed after awarding) which will subsequently give the DKP cost back to the initial owner and charge it to the new recipient
- Boss Kill Bonus auto selects the last killed boss/zone
- Options window has additional fields to set bonus defaults (On time bonus, boss kill bonus etc)
- Every time a modification, loot entry or DKP entry is made, that information is automatically broadcasted to the guild and their GUI is updated.

- Broadcast your full tables or merge your last 2 weeks of data with other players (useful for multi raid configurations that don't want to overwrite other raids) by clicking the status indicator icon on the bottom left of the main GUI


If you'd like to change the Monolith DKP Title image to one for your own guild, you're more than welcome to. It simply requires you replace "MonolithDKP\Media\Textures\mondkp-title-t.tga" with your custom tga image (MUST be 256 x 64).


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