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Venture Plan improves the covenant adventures command table interface. You can watch a typical gameplay minute.

  • The Available Adventures list provides more detail about more adventures than the default UI, requiring less scrolling.
  • You can quickly receive rewards from completed adventures, and set up tentative parties for multiple adventures before committing your companions.
  • The Companions/Troop list on the adventure details page no longer requires scrolling.
  • Adventurer and enemy ability tooltips display targetting information, and in some cases correct misleading original ability descriptions.

The included Cursed Adventurer's Guide is able to foretell your companions' gruesome demise before you send them off on an impossible mission, while the Cursed Tactical Guide can suggest troops and optimize adventuring party layouts to minimize health loss. Adventuring parties that are successful upon their return are recorded by the Cursed Adventuring Log, allowing them to be quickly dispatched again should the adventure appear again. You can also use the Adventuring Log to discover parties that have achieved victory... elsewhere, and may require additional adjustments, healing, or experience to work for you.

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