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Masque Blizzard Bars


This addon enables Masque to skin the built-in WoW action bars. An up-to-date version of Masque is required for it to work.

If you like the base WoW interface and don't want to use a separate action bar mod, you're in the right place.


Masque Blizzard Bars can currently skin the following bars:

  • Main Action Bar
  • Multi Bars (Action Bars 2 - 8)
  • Possess Bar
  • Stance Bar
  • Pet Bar
  • Vehicle Bar
  • Pet Battle Bar
  • Extra Ability Buttons (Extra Action Button, Zone Ability Button)
  • Spell Flyout

Each bar type is its own group so you can configure them independently from Masque's Skin Settings.

Classic Support

Classic is missing many features from Retail, so unsupported groups will not appear in Masque options. Currently, only the following elements are supported by the game:

  • Main Action Bar
  • Multi Bars (Action Bars 2 - 5)
  • Possess Bar
  • Stance Bar
  • Pet Bar
  • Vehicle Bar (Wrath Classic only)

I've done limited testing with Classic Era and Wrath Classic because I don't play them, but I believe everything should work. If you report bugs or submit patches, I'll do my best to address them.


This addon is not intended to apply Masque skins over addons that replace or heavily modify parts of the base interface and may conflict with them. If you experience a conflict, use Masque's Skin Settings to disable the affected group and reload your UI. This should allow the other addon to control the interface without interference.

If you'd like to see Masque support in a conflicting addon, try sending a feature request to that addon's author directly.


If you'd like to help localize this addon, please submit translations here.

Other Mods

If you're looking to skin the built-in Inventory UI elements as well, check out Masque Blizzard Inventory!

Special Thanks

Thanks to StormFX, the author of Masque, for a ton of feedback and development tips and for creating a logo for the addon.

Thanks to Madnessbox, the author of the abandoned Masque Blizz Bars for the original concept.