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Merchant Plus - Improved Vendor UI

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This addon provides a modern update to merchant (vendor) interfaces in WoW.


Merchant Plus adds an additional tab to all WoW merchants, which provides the following enhancements:

  • Wider vertical scrolling list to allow more information to be viewed at once
  • Sortable columns of item data
  • Optional columns containing additional item data

An options panel is included to configure basic settings.

Planned Features

In future updates, the following major improvements are planned:

  • Additional data columns and options to choose the visibility and order of them
  • Filtering based upon data in one or more columns
  • Searching based upon data in one or more columns

There is no specific timeline for these features to be completed.

Classic Support

Currently Merchant Plus requires functionality only available in Retail. Blizzard periodically backports features to Classic versions, so the required functions may be available eventually. Until that time, Classic support is not planned.


This addon does not replace the existing UI, but it makes many changes to the merchant window, so it may conflict with other addons that modify the contents or layout. Addons that replace the window will prevent Merchant Plus from appearing entirely. ElvUI is supported when the Blizzard Merchant Frame skin is enabled. Other addons that re-skin the merchant window may cause layout problems.

Ideally, Merchant Plus will not be the cause of any conflicts. If you discover any, please report them, and I'll fix what I can from the Merchant Plus side.


If you'd like to help localize this addon, please submit translations here.