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A compatible implementation of GetTotemInfo() API for WoW Classic 1.13.3.



I noticed that Wow Classic 1.13.4 has been added GetTotemInfo() and GetTotemTimeLeft() back.

So I don't think we need this addon anymore.

Please consider removing !LibTotemInfo to see if the other addon is working well.

已废弃 (Discarded: zhCN)

我发现魔兽怀旧服1.13.4已经加回 GetTotemInfo()GetTotemTimeLeft() 函数,所以不再需要这个插件。

请考虑删除 !LibTotemInfo 然后看看图腾插件是否依然正常。


You should know that Blizzard removed the totem information API from Wow Classic 1.13.3, which caused many totem timers to not work.

I created a simple addon and restored one of the APIs (GetTotemInfo). In this way most totem timers can work normally.

The code from RotationMaster by PreZ and edited / fixed by SwimmingTiger.


Download it and put it in your World of Warcraft\_classic_\Interface\Addons\!LibTotemInfo folder. Please note the leading !, it is to make it load earlier than other addons. Don't rename it.

And, if you get the folder LibTotemInfo-master, you can rename it to!LibTotemInfo (This folder will appear when you download the repository ZIP directly. It is recommended to download the zip from CurseForge) or keep the current name. The latest version of the addon folder can be named under the following two names: * !LibTotemInfo * LibTotemInfo-master

Then it should be in the addon list and displayed as Lib: TotemInfo-1.0. Enable it, and your totem timer will work again.

AddOn List

Verified working addons without modification

  • NugRunning (The latest version of NugRunning has LibTotemInfo embedded and no longer needs to be installed separately.)
  • TotemTimers 1.06-classic
  • SamyTotemTimers v2.6
  • PitBull4 v4.1.21

Totem timer works

See Also

Fix Totem Mods has features similar to LibTotemInfo. If LibTotemInfo does not meet your requirements or not works for your addons, you can try it.

For AddOn Developer

CurseForge's Markdown engine is disappointing. It is recommended to go to GitHub to read the documentation.

You can embed the project, just like this:


toc libs\!LibTotemInfo\embeds.xml your-file.lua


lua local GetTotemInfo = LibStub("LibTotemInfo-1.0").GetTotemInfo for i =1, 4 do print(GetTotemInfo(i)) print(GetTotemTimeLeft(i)) end

The Global API

When GetTotemInfo does not exist, the library will register GetTotemInfo as its own implementation. So addons that rely on GetTotemInfo can use this function directly, without having to instantiate it from LibStub.

Interfaces currently implemented:

-- Added return value by the lib (not in Blizzard old interface):

-- spellid - int, the totem's spell id.

-- rank - int (1 to 8) or nil, the rank of the totem spell.

-- nil indicates that there is no rank for this totem.

haveTotem, totemName, startTime, duration, icon, spellid, rank = GetTotemInfo(1 through 4)

timeLeft = GetTotemTimeLeft(1 through 4)

See details at https://wow.gamepedia.com/API_GetTotemInfo


Inherited the Apache License Version 2.0 from the Rotation Master project.


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