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NOTE: I am not actively playing Retail or Classic Era at the moment (I play TBC).  So I am not doing much testing on retail or classic.  If you are interested in being a dedicated tester for Retail/Classic Era, let me know!



Sites like Icy Veins are great for researching your class, what gear is best, spec is best.  And most importantly, the ideal rotation to achieve maximum damage (for AOE or single target).  Sometimes however this is also very situational.  And it's a lot to learn and keep track of to ensure you get it just right.


The mod adds an overlay on top of your action bars with what action you should perform next.  However, unlike over action bar overlays, this does not use a hard-coded rotation, or require you to write lua code to create your own rotation, your rotation is configured entirely from within the settings.


You can configure both a spell rotation (including what conditions should be in place for each spell), and non-rotation items (eg. available cool downs, or situational spells such as damage reduction).  The conditions can be arbitrarily complicated, and there is a lot of variables to choose from.

What's more, you can have MORE than a single rotation for your class/spec, and even setup a condition to use to automatically switch between them (for example, switch to a specific rotation if you zone into a specific zone?  Or a different one if you are in a party vs. raid or soloing).  Or a different profile for when you are flagged PVP, and have it switch automatically.


Import and export of profiles is supported (so you can easily share your configured profiles, no need to re-invent the wheel).  You can also specify custom textures, and each 'cooldown' can have it's own texture/color.


Rotation Master also adds two other features:

Item Sets, which allow you to create a list of items (some are pre-defined, such as mana pots, health pots, etc) and bind it to your bars.  The bound item (in your action) will change depending on what you are holding in your bags (the highest one in the list found).  So if you, say, have multiple types of health potions, it will always show the highest ranked one, and switch to the next rank automatically.  Item also generate 'buttons' you can /click - so you can embed item sets in your own macros!


Announcements, which will allow you to announce things to raid/party, emote, or just locally when a spell actually succeeds, or when it starts casting, ends casting or is interrupted.  So you don't do blind announcements by macros anymore!  If your cast gets interrupted, or never starts (because you were out of range, dead, on cooldown, etc) - no more spamming.


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