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LibQTip is designed replace GameTooltip - but with added functionality, such as multiple columns - from a minimalist design perspective.


  • Ability to display and handle multiple tooltips at the same time,
  • Unlimited number of columns and lines,
  • Column default and per cell justification,
  • Tooltip default and per cell font setting,
  • Colspans,
  • Possibility to add custom cells,
  • Optional scrollbar,
  • Optional scripts for lines, columns, or cells,
  • Optional automatic hiding,
  • Frames and tables recycling to reduce resource footprint.


Look here for information on embedding the latest beta/release.

In order to achieve effective frame recycling, tooltips must be released. Holding a tooltip leads to the creation of a full set of frames for every AddOn which does not follow this practice. Moreover, releasing a tooltip has a very little overhead compared to its benefits.

Known issues

  • Alignment may be altered when using :SetScale after filling the tooltip.