An intuitive keybindings system: simply mouseover frame, click keys or buttons.


What it Does

Activating it brings up an instruction frame from which KeyBinding mode can be cancelled.

  • KeyBinding mode
    • Hover cursor over participating frames.
    • The current keys are shown in tooltip and in the frame.
    • Click buttons or keys to bind.
    • Press Escape to clear bindings


  • It is now a LibStub lib.
  • Removed AceLocale-3.0 and AceEvent-3.0 dependencies.
  • Localized for deDE, enUS, esES, esMX, frFR, koKR, zhCN, zhTW
  • Localized the shortened keys that display in the button
  • Added a color for mods to use while binding to visually identify buttons / objects that can be bound as well as make the mode more obvious, thus reducing errors.
  • Cancel Button added to panel. Clicking it reverts all bindings made.
  • Okay Button added to panel. Clicking it commits all bindings made, saving them to disk.
  • Hide Button removed. it is replaced by Okay and Cancel.
  • Okay & Cancel actions are delayed till after combat ends for mods that dont close it on combat start.

Planned Features:

  • Reintegrate the Spell and Macro Book Bindings.
  • Add localized text explaining them.
  • Make it all lod (this would be 2.0)

Origin of the Species

ClickBinder by Gello and TrinityBinder by Maul -> keyBound by Tuller -> LibKeyBound library by Toadkiller.