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Broker-based World of Warcraft addon that allows the user to easily swap between Specializations while simultaneously swapping to an Equipment Set with the same name.


  • One-click specialization swap via broker popout.
  • (Optional) Simultaneous equipment set swap immediately after specialization swap.


Unzip the kSwap-#.#.#.zip archive and extract the kSwap directory in <World of Warcraft Directory>\Interface\AddOns\, such that the final installation path is: <World of Warcraft Directory>\Interface\AddOns\kSwap.

If a broker addon is installed, kSwap should appear automatically with the icon and name matching your current specialization.

If no broker addon is installed, a minimap attached icon will appear instead.


Right-click on the broker icon/name will open the simple configuration options.

  • Minimap Icon determines whether the minimap icon will appear (if not broker addon is installed).
  • Swap Equipment Set determines if kSwap will attempt to swap the active Equipment Set after specialization is swapped as well. Note: Equipment Sets must have the same names as associated Specializations.


Hover over the kSwap broker icon to see the popout displaying your available specializations.

A green checkmark indicates which specialization is currently selected.

If Swap Equipment Set option is also selected, a blue shield icon indicates which gear set is equipped as well.

To swap specialization (and equipment set), simply left click the desired specialization.


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