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Allows simple loot filtering, preventing specified items from being looted.


  • Specify filtered items in a simple drag and drop interface.
  • Filtered items can be used as a blacklist (default), where all other items except those that are filtered are looted.
  • Alternatively, filtered items can be used as a whitelist, in which all items that are not filtered are ignored.
  • Dramatically speeds up looting compared to standard built-in Auto Loot speed.
  • Optionally output a message when kLootFilter ignores an item due to filtering.


  • Due to how loot filtering must function within the WoW API, kLootFilter does not function if the built-in Auto Loot Interface option is enabled.


Open the Options menu through the standard ESC > Interface > kLootFilter, or with a slash command: /klf or /klootfilter.

Adding Filtered Items

Within the Options, simply drag and drop an item from your inventory to an open Filtered Item box to add it to the filtered list.

Removing Filtered Items

Left-click (or drag) an item currently being filtered to remove it from the filtered list.


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